EastEnders viewers convinced a Mitchell sister is back from the dead after seeing New Year trailer

It's the conspiracy theory that refuses to go away

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In what would only be described as the most ridiculous idea in the world to any normal person, EastEnders fans are convinced Roxy Mitchell is returning to the soap.

Had it not happened to other characters in other TV shows, there’s the small point of Roxy being dead, but that doesn’t seem to be putting fans off the idea.

After all, Kathy Beale managed to come back from the dead! Hell, Dirty Den did, too!

Phil Mitchell’s feisty cousin, played by actress Rita Simons, died last New Year’s Day alongside her sister Ronnie, after they both drowned at Ronnie’s wedding reception to Jack Branning.

eastEnders Roxi and Ronnie (Credit: BBC)
The much loved Mitchell sisters before their demise (Credit: BBC)

But in the latest cliff hanging trailer for the hit TV show, it shows Ben Mitchell at The Arches when a shadowy blonde lady appears in the doorway.

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This has sent the fan mill into overdrive, with most thinking it could be Roxy Mitchell at the door of the garage.

But there were even mentions of Lola, Sam Mitchell or Lucy Beale coming back if the fans have anything to do with it!

Could Lola be the shadowy figure? (Credit: BBC)
Eastenders Sam Mitchell played by Kim Medcalf (Credit: BBC)
Or maybe Kim Medcalf’s version of Sam Mitchell? (Credit: BBC)
Lucy Beale (Credit: BBC)
Or Lucy Beale back from the dead? (Credit: BBC)

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One even reckoned it could be Ben’s former lover Luke in a wig.

So I was thinking about a blonde wig, y’know spice things up? (Credit: BBC)

Erm, we think that’s a little far-fetched, even for soapland. Far be it for us to suggest it’s actually another iconic blonde whose return to Walford has not only been well publcised, but actually confirmed…