EastEnders viewers baffled by Vincent’s dark exit

Is he alive? Is he dead? No one knows!

Vincent Hubbard left EastEnders in last night’s episode – at least, viewers think he’s left!

His exit was unconventional, and left fans wondering what had happened to the criminal-turned-police-informer.

On his uppers since Aidan bought the Albert for £1, Vincent had gone back to his old police informer ways in his desperation for cash.

But when Phil got wise to what he was up to, he made a phone call to Aidan and things started to look bleak for poor Vincent.

Frantically he packed a bag, and told Kim he’d booked them a special break.

Vincent was desperate (Credit: BBC)

But bolshy Kim dug her heels in and demanded to know waht was going on.

“I want to know the truth, Vincent,” she said.

“The money I told you about, it’s not going to be enough to get us out of trouble,” he said. “We’re going to lose everything, the house, the lot…”

Kim tried to talk him round (Credit: BBC)

“I don’t care about the house,” said Kim. “This is you and this is me. You’ll find a job and so will I.

“Just scare him,” said Phil (Credit: BBC)

But Phil had given Aidan’s hired thugs – and corrupt cop DCI Alsworth – the nod to rough Vincent up.

“Nothing too strong,” he said. “Just scare him.”

But  it seemed they’d gone a step further when they bundled him into a car, speeded off to a deserted site, then produced a gun.

Vincent was terrified (Credit: BBC)

Vincent gave a little nod, and a smile – and the screen went black at the end of the episode.


It was dramatic, all right, but fans were NOT impressed at such a vague ending for a fave character.

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Many of the viewers also said they were disappointed the show hadn’t done more with Vincent.

“Could’ve done so much with him,” one fan pointed out.

“The stuff with Vincent is shameful,” said another.

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So that’s Vincent done then????” said another baffled fan.

And no one seemed to be completely sure if Vincent is really dead or not – including actor Richard Blackwood. He said the audience have to make up their own minds whether his alter-ego has popped his clogs.

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