EastEnders viewers are convinced they’ve worked out how Halfway got his name

They might have a point

EastEnders fans are certain they’ve worked out how Walford newcomer, Halfway, got his unusual nickname – and it’s nothing to do with his last name being Highway.

Fans are convinced they’ve worked out the reason behind ‘Halfway’ (Credit: BBC)

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Fans of the BBC One soap think his moniker is actually inspired by his HAIRCUT.

They took to Twitter to air their new theory, with one fan writing: “Is he called ‘Halfway’ because he left the barbers halfway through his hair cut? #EastEnders @bbceastenders.”

Another joined in, adding: “Is he called Halfway because he only got halfway through a hair cut? #EastEnders.”

While a third simply wanted to say they didn’t rate the newbie’s style: “that halfway needs a hair makeover!”

And a fourth compared his barnet to a monk with a hilarious GIF.

Halfway, whose full name is Callum Highway, rocked up on The Square on New Year’s Day when he shot Mick Carter during the bungled heist.

Since then it’s been revealed that Halfway is a mate of Mick’s son Lee from the army and a family friend of the Carters.

He’s currently helping out behind the bar in the Queen Vic, although he’s been more of a hindrance to Shirley who prefers to call him Halfwit.

Halfway is a friend of Lee’s from the army (Credit: BBC)

It’s a big week for Halfway (and his haircut) next week when he plucks up the courage to ask Walford’s most eligible bacherlorette, Whitney Dean, on a date.

It seems the date is a set up by Whitney’s sister Tiffany, as she continues to scheme to find a way to keep her relative in Albert Square after Whitney recently made plans to move to Yorkshire to start a new life.

Could Halfway be a reason she now decides to stay?

Whitney had so far been very unlucky in love when it comes to Carters and their associates.

After her marriage to Lee failed when he walked out on her, she then fell in love with his dad Mick. But he chose his wife Linda over an affair with his former daughter-in-law.

She then fell for Linda’s friend and Vic bar manager Woody, but he also walked out on her despite promising they would get married and live together in The Med.

Would YOU date this man? (Credit: BBC)

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So could Whitney, played by Shona McGarty, finally find happiness with Halfway?

 She’d need to sort that barnet out for the wedding pics though.
EastEnders continues Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One

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