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EastEnders star teases dark secret about missing Taylor sibling

We're already obsessed with this family

There’s already a fair few of them and they’ve been at the centre of plenty of drama ever since they first arrived in Albert Square.

But it sounds like there could be even more explosive action in store for the Taylor family, as there’s another member we haven’t even met yet!

The Taylor family (Credit: BBC)

Single mum Karen and her kids Keanu, Keegan, Bernadette, Riley and Chatham – and their dog Bronson – have already had quite an impact on Walford.

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Stealing Arthur’s bench, rowing with Denise, being accused of robbing Ted and Joyce, hiding from bailiffs, rowing with all the neighbours – they’ve been busy.

But troublemaker Keegan (played by Zack Morris) has hinted that there’s more to come, as another of his siblings could be coming to join the rest of the family.

Bad boy Keegan (Credit: BBC)

When the Taylors first arrived mum Karen (played by Lorraine Stanley) mentioned her other daughter Chantelle, who hadn’t moved to E20 with the rest of her brood.

And Zack revealed that his on-screen sister might turn up for a family reunion.

“There could be a lot more to find out about the Taylors. There is still another sibling – Chantelle,” he told Inside Soap magazine.

“She has the same dad as Keegan, so that would be interesting. But who knows if we will ever meet her?”

Keegan with big brother Keanu (Credit: BBC)

The Taylors have been through a tragic time recently, as young Bernadette (Clair Norris) had a miscarriage and lost her baby daughter at just 18 weeks.

Big brother Keanu (Danny Walters) has always been supportive, caring and responsible one in the household, and is desperately trying to get a job.

While bad boy Keegan was involved in torturing Louise at school and spreading lies, and also attacked Bernadette’s boyfriend Callum when he discovered he was the baby’s father.

The family at the memorial service (BBC)

Although the scenes at the memorial service hinted that Keegan does have a softer side. And Zack says viewers will see more of that soon.

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“There’s a lot that I’ve been filming and coming up that will show more to him,” he explained.

“The audience will get why he’s the way he is. And will get to see what’s going on behind closed doors.”

EastEnders continues on BBC1 tonight at 8pm.