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EastEnders SPOILER: Stalker on the Square

Who is staking out the Square?

Mel Owen and Kim Fox-Hubbard are both left feeling rattled when they spot a car with blacked-out windows circling the Square next week.

A horrified Mel jumps to the conclusion that Aidan Maguire has returned to Walford for revenge.

Mel is worried by the mysterious car (Credit: BBC)

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She’s left even more shaken when she discovers her son Hunter, doesn’t turn up at school.

Mel immediately fears the worst and believes Aidan has found out about her part in returning the heist loot to his ex-wife, Ciara Maguire.

Not knowing what to do, she leaves a frantic message for her ex husband – Ciara’s brother – but will the message get to him in time?

She worries her son Hunter is in danger (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Kim’s also spotted the mysterious car  and it brings back everything that’s recently happened with missing husband Vincent.

But with a renewed determination to get some answers, she makes a call.

So who is in the car?

And who are they there for?

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Later in the week Phil Mitchell gives Kim some home truths about Vincent and suggests that maybe he had no choice about leaving, maybe he just couldn’t cope.

Kim doesn’t understand why Phil is being nice (Credit: BBC)

Kim is confused as to why Phil’s suddenly being nice to her suddenly but finally comes to the conclusion that it’s just her and Pearl now.

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