EastEnders SPOILER: Stacey in crisis as she struggles to cope

She struggles with Martin in prison

Poor Stacey Fowler is really going through it in EastEnders at the moment. Her hubby, Martin, has been banged up for assaulting a police officer as he panicked about his wife during the gas explosion.

Stacey’s struggling while Martin’s inside (Credit: BBC)

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She’s juggling two small kids, one teenager and a job behind the bar at the Vic – all while being pregnant.

It’s no wonder she hits a wall next week and falls asleep, missing daughter Lily’s dance recital.

At least it’s slightly better than giving birth, which Stacey did at Lily’s nativity play a couple of years ago. Talk about embarrassing mums.

If that wasn’t enough to be dealing with, Stacey gets some worrying news about her baby son, Arthur.

Following Kush Kazemi’s terrifying heart attack in the Square, Stacey learns that it may have been caused by a hereditary condition.

As we all well know, Kush is Arthur’s biological dad, which means the tot could also be at risk from the condition.

A distraught Stacey barges into the hospital and demands some answers from the doctors. She’s left reeling when they can’t tell her anything.

She faces breaking point when Arthur faces tests (Credit: BBC)

Things get even worse for Stace when she learns she’ll need to wait over a week before she can get an appointment with a specialist.

Close to breaking point, Stacey visits Martin in prison, knowing she has to drop this bombshell on him.

But when she sees how much he’s struggling being in jail, she changes her mind and decides to shoulder all the worry alone.


Luckily, Sonia and Bex are on hand to offer her some support as they notice Stacey beginning to unravel.

But we all know how stubborn the Slater lass can be. Will she accept their help?

Martin faces his own struggles inside (Credit: BBC)

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And, more to the point, is Arthur dangerously ill? And how will all the stress affect Stacey’s current pregnancy?