EastEnders SPOILER: Phil takes on Max!

Is Mr Branning going to regret coming back to the Square?

Since he took on Aidan Maguire and ran him out of town, the old Phil Mitchell is back. Well, he’s on his way to being back at least.

And when the new old Phil arrives back on the Square after a short time away, he’s determined to reclaim his position at the top.

First up, he wants to get back to being the successful business owner he once was.

Max is back in the Square (Credit: BBC)

So when he sees that the car lot – his old business – has reopened he wants to know who’s running it.

First up, he assumes it’s Jay who’s behind the new business, but when he asks Jay who’s in charge, he’s shocked when he reveals that the car lot now belongs to Max.

Meanwhile, over at The Arches, Keanu is having trouble with a rude customer. He needs some help dealing with him so he ropes Sharon into to help – she’s had years of experience sorting out bad-mannered men!

Phil gives Keanu an ultimatum (Credit: BBC)

Shaz isn’t eager to help at first, but when the customer patronises her, she decides to teach him a lesson…

Back at the car lot Phil has decided he wants rid of Max, and tries to bribe him to leave the Square. But Max isn’t interested in his offer. He’s staying where he is!

Is Max going to help Sharon and Keanu get back in Phil’s good books? (Credit: BBC)

When the Arches customer confronts Phil about what happened with Sharon, Mr Mitchell is furious with his missus.

Things aren’t going well for Max (Credit: BBC)

And then Keanu feels the force of Phil’s rage too when Phil discovers he’s messed up the books while he was away.

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Angry with everyone, Phil gives Keanu one day to sort things out at the Arches.

With both Sharon and Keanu in need of a way to get back on the right side of Phil, they put their heads together and come up with a plan…

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