EastEnders SPOILER: Louise Michell and Tiffany Butcher have an almighty fight in the Square

Expect fireworks!

There’s going to be drama on the Square next week when Tiffany Butcher and Louise Mitchell have a huge fight.

The row happens after Tiffany stirs up trouble between Louise and Hunter Owen, who are trying to keep their forbidden romance under the radar of Louise’s dad Phil Mitchell.

Louise isn’t happy when she sees what Tiffany has posted online (Credit: BBC)

After Louise is nasty to Bernadette Taylor, Tiffany decides to get revenge on her friend’s behalf and comes up with a plan that’s bound to land Louise in trouble.

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Catching Louise and Hunter getting passionate, Tiff takes a sneaky picture and decides to show Louise who is boss by sharing it online.

Hunter and Louise have been sneaking around behind Phil’s back (Credit: BBC)

When Louise realises what’s happened, she sees red – knowing that it won’t be long before her dad knows she’s still seeing Hunter in secret.

Confronting Tiffany in the middle of the Square, the pair have an almightily face-off, and even Sharon and Whitney join in for some support, too.

Sharon and Whitney also get involved (Credit: BBC)

Will Tiffany get away with this latest social media gaff? She’s certainly one for letting her phone get her in trouble as she also sparks another drama with her social media obsession next week.

What is Phil going to say when he finds out? (Credit: BBC)

But the big question is, how long will it take for Phil to see the photo?

We wonder if there will be a baseball bat involved this time?

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EastEnders is set to air these scenes on Monday 23rd April at 8pm.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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