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EastEnders SPOILER: Kidnap terror hits the Square as baby Harley is snatched

And it's all Tiffany's fault...

There’s drama heading for Albert Square next week when little baby Harley is snatched from under the Ahmeds’ noses.

When a mysterious woman called Chloe arrives in Walford, she doesn’t waste any time secretly tracking down Arshad.

Arshad ‘bumps’ into Chloe in the market (Credit: BBC)

One she has got him in her sights, she then pretends to be injured and asks him for help in the middle of the market.

He’s worried when she reveals she injured (Credit: BBC)

Kindly Arshad unsurprisingly wants to help this woman in need and takes her back to his house to help her. Little does he know, that’s exactly what she hoped he would do.

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Arshad is totally oblivious to the fact that Chloe is actually baby Harley’s mum – and she’s clearly moved when she comes face-to-face with her son, who the Ahmeds are currently fostering.

Arshad has no idea that Chloe is Harley’s mum (Credit: BBC)

Once Chloe has gone, Arshad is left wondering who his mysterious stranger was – and when he discovers his CCTV is damaged in his house the next day, the plot thickens.

With Mariam away, Arshad and Masood are forced to cover, telling her that everything is fine.

But once they’re off the phone the pair decide to call the police, as well as social services.

Arshad and Masood are bemused when the CCTV is broken in their house (Credit: BBC)

Arshad’s worst nightmare comes true when he discovers Chloe’s true identity – and before he knows what is happening, he discovers Harley is missing.

Masood is oblivious to the fact there is a strange man standing behind him… (Credit: BBC)

The pair are confused how Harley could have been taken from under their noses – little do they realise there was a stranger in their house and the same time they were there!

The pair panic when they realise the baby is gone (Credit: BBC)

Having been taken by his biological parents Chloe and Bijan, the police do their best to track Harley down.

But will they find him before it’s too late?

Chloe and Bijan have taken the baby (Credit: BBC)

The parents struggle to get out of Walford with the baby when their getaway car won’t start.

They’re forced to take it to the Arches to be fixed – but will they manage to make a run for it with their son?

But they don’t get far when their car won’t start (Credit: BBC)

As the police hunt continues, Masood angrily reveals to Tiffany that it is all down to her social media obsession that Chloe and Bijan managed to track Harley down.

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After posting a picture of her with the baby in the Minute Mart, Harley’s parents knew exactly where their son was.

Can the pair make it out of the Square before the police catch them? (Credit: BBC)

Tiffany feels awful and starts to pack her bags to go back to Milton Keynes to be with Bianca – but will she really go?

And will the police track Harley down before something sinister happens?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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