EastEnders spoiler: Ian Beale cruelly rejects Jane when he discovers Mel is back

Ian has absolutely no chill when his glam ex-wife rocks up in the cafe!

We’re all very excited to see Mel Owen back in Albert Square in tonight’s episode of EastEnders – and it seems her ex-hubby Ian Beale is the same!

Mel – who was once Mrs Beale – turns up unannounced in the cafe after 15 years away from the Square – and her timing couldn’t be better, judging by this preview video released on Twitter.

Because Mel arrives, just as Ian gets a call from (yet another) ex-wife, Jane – who’s not been in touch since she scarpered to get away from Max’s evil revenge plan.

Ian cancels Jane’s call as soon as he sees Mel! (Credit: BBC)

Forced with the choice of speaking to loyal, kind, heartbroken Jane, or fluttering his eyelashes at foxy Mel, what does Ian do? He picks Mel of course!

Mel’s looking glam – at least, Ian obviously thinks so! (Credit: BBC)

Without thinking about it for even a second, he cancels Jane’s call and turns all his attention to the very glamorous Mrs Owen.

Could she be next on his wife hitlist? We don’t fancy Ian’s chances, we have to say.

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Not only does Mel have an ulterior motive for coming back to Albert Square  – one that we’re guessing involves Aidan and the heist – but she’s also well aware of what Ian’s like.

Mel’s got an ulterior motive for her visit to the Square (Credit: BBC)

Their marriage ended after Ian confessed that he’d lied about daughter Lucy having cancer simply to keep Mel by his side.

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Melanie went on to tie the knot with smooth gangster Steve Owen, who died in a car chase with Phil Mitchell. She was pregnant with Steve’s baby when she left and son Hunter will be joining her in Albert Square soon.

Mel was married to Ian Beale last time she was in the Square
Mel was once Mrs Beale (Credit: BBC)

We’re fairly sure that Mel’s after something – and it’s not some Beale loving! All will be revealed in tonight’s episode of EastEnders.

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