EastEnders SPOILER: Hayley’s back

She's got trouble written all over

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Hayley Slater makes a return to Albert Square next week and immediately rubs the market traders up the wrong way when she starts selling stuff without a licence or pitch.

Hayley annoys the market traders (Credit: BBC)

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Stacey is worried to see her cousin back in Walford and fearing she’s after Martin, confides in Kat who tells Hayley to sling her hook.

But as the market traders turn on Hayley, Martin steps in to defend her and they end up at the cafe together.

A jealous Stacey spots them and warns Hayley she’s not welcome in the Square but Hayley tries to reassure Stacey that she’s not interested in  Martin and even has a new boyfriend.

But is everything quite as it seems?

Martin steps in to defend Hayley (Credit: BBC)

Later in the week Hayley catches the eye of Stuart Highway who encourages her to join him, Mick and Halfway drinking in the Vic.

Things take a turn for the sinister though when, after Mick calls it a night, Stuart encourages Hayley to get into bed with the pub landlord to cause problems for him and Linda.

He certainly gets what he wanted when Linda returns from Elaine’s the next morning and finds Hayley in bed with her husband.

A drunken Stuart tries to cause trouble for Mick and Linda (Credit: BBC)

Furious Linda chucks Hayley out of the pub, telling her she never wants to see her again.

Outside Martin sees the commotion Hayley has caused at the pub  and changes his mind about asking her out – to the relief of Bex.

But when he visits Stacey to talk to her about their relationship, he’s shocked when he sees Hayley coming down the stairs.

As it dawns on him that not only are the pair related, but they were working together to stitch him up with the police.

A furious Linda throws Hayley out (Credit: BBC)

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A disgusted Martin storms off and meets Sonia for dinner.

Has Hayley ruined any chances of a reconciliation for Stacey and Martin?

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