EastEnders SPOILER: Has Linda Carter just made a huge mistake?

She shows her vulnerable side to Fi Browning – and may regret trusting the enemy

Poor Linda Carter. The Queen Vic lady’s marriage to Mick has been under strain – Linda was rocked by his confession that he kissed Whitney – and now she could be about to make a big error of judgement.

On tonight’s show Linda decides to confide in Fi Browning – who hasn’t exactly been her best friend.

Is Linda making a mistake by being so honest about her personal life with her enemy?

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The two women have been in a power struggle, with Fi (Lisa Faulkner) determined to make her mark on the pub. Fi decides to confront Linda (Kellie Bright) after she offers Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) a trial shift at the pub.

Fi is not impressed by Linda’s decision, but once the two women start chatting, Linda decides to ‘fess up about her personal problems.

It remains to be seen whether this is the start of a beautiful friendship… or whether Fi will use the information to her advantage. Fi is in a relationship with Max Branning, who is determined to get the Queen Vic from the Carters.

Since Kellie Bright returned from maternity leave after having her second child, her character has been struggling to get her relationship back on track. The relationship between Mick and Linda has always captured the hearts of viewers.

“I can’t believe they have ruined Linda & mick relationship in #eastenders absolutely love the carters [sic]” wrote one fan.

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“Watching Linda and Mick is so awkward now,” wrote another, alongside an emoji of a sad face.

“Hate that they ruined Linda and Mick,” wrote another.

One fan added: “For the sake of a few ratings, why did the writers have to ruin such a likeable, solid and realistic #Eastenders couple like Mick and Linda?”

Other viewers are anxious about the upcoming storyline: “Just wanting it to be tomorrow night because I’m so damn stressed about Mick and Linda,” wrote one. “@kelliebright76 @MrDDyer you two are phenomenal.”

Kellie says she’s enjoyed getting back to work. “Coming back and getting to do these episodes with Danny was so great and reminded me of why I have loved it so much so far,” she told Digital Spy.