EastEnders SPOILER: Bernadette puts herself in danger as she unearths a dark secret

Who is going to try and silence her?

Bernadette Taylor lands herself in trouble in tonight’s EastEnders, all because she’s trying to help her family out with their money worries.

The quiet teenager decides that it’s time she contributed to the family money pot – and considering the way Karen Taylor’s finances are looking at the moment, Bernadette’s decision to help couldn’t have come at a better time.

Bernadette asks for a job delivering papers, but Robbie scuppered her plans (Credit: BBC)

But after her attempts to get a job delivering newspapers at the Minute Mart fall flat, Bernadette is forced to look elsewhere for a part time job.

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She finally manages to convince Vincent Hubbard that he should give her a job at The Albert – and she soon finds herself employed to collect glasses.

But as she starts her first shift tonight, little does she realise The Albert is where Aidan Maguire has decided to gather his gang of Walford helpers to talk about his illegal job he’s got planned.

Vincent gives Bernadette a job clearing glasses at The Albert (Credit: BBC)

Bernadette quickly finds herself harbouring a dangerous secret when she overhears Aidan talking about what he’s got up his sleeve.

Phil Mitchell and Vincent Hubbard are already part of the dodgy gang – and it isn’t long before Mick Carter is roped in, too.

The gang discuss their dodgy plan at The Albert – and realise too late that Bernadette is listening (Credit: BBC)

But what Bernadette is most shocked about is her older brother, Keanu, is also involved.

Keanu doesn’t want any of his family to know that he’s up to no good – but as the group start chatting they panic when they realise the school girl has been listening.

Credit: BBC
Keanu doesn’t want his family finding out he’s up to no good (Credit: BBC)

Bernadette promises she didn’t hear anything, but is she telling the truth?

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With their plans potentially exposed, everyone is worried their money-making job could be over before it’s even begun.

Bernadette is desperate to help her mum out with their money worries (Credit: BBC)

The pressure is now on for Keanu to keep his sister quiet – but at what cost?

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