EastEnders: Phil bribes Robbie to dig dirt on Max

There's no love lost between these two

It’s fair to say that Phil Mitchell hasn’t exactly been delighted about Max Branning returning to Albert Square.

Phil asks Robbie to do a favour for him (Credit: BBC)

Next week the mechanic has an idea about getting one over on his arch enemy – and it involves hapless Robbie Jackson.

Robbie is chuffed when Max’s new wife Rainie offers him a commission only job at the newly opened car lot and he’s even more chuffed when he is actually pretty good at selling motors.

Rainie offers Robbie a jobbie (Credit: BBC)

He’s a bit shocked when Rainie starts flirting with him and suggests they find some other way to pay him his commission.

Robbie decides to take the cash.

But when Phil spots Robbie working at the car lot approaches him and asks him for a favour.

What’s he plotting?

Later, Robbie sneaks into the car lot on Phil’s instruction and is still there when Max returns – will he catch him?

Max has to rush off as he has a meeting with Rainie and a social worker about his granddaughter, baby Abi.

When Max returns to the office later, he’s shocked to find Phil sat at his desk with a fistful of paperwork.

Max and Rainie have a meeting with the social worker (Credit: BBC)

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What has Phil discovered?

And how will Max react?

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EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One

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