EastEnders: Max orders Steven to KILL for him

As an explosive week starts in Albert Square, the Branning baddie turns to murder to stop his secret coming out

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It’s going to be an explosive week in EastEnders – literally – a gas explosion causes a giant fireball, which will rip through the Square right in the middle of the Walford In Bloom festival.

Walford in Bloom turns explosive (Credit: BBC)

But while most residents are helping the injured or desperately searching for their loved ones, evil Max Branning has got murder on his mind.

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He has discovered that Jane Beale knows all about his revenge plot – thanks to Steven showing how dense he really is when he broadcast all the details of his fake tumour and affair with Abi over a baby monitor – and knows what a threat she is.

Steven has been sleeping with his fiancee Lauren’s sister Abi (Credit: BBC)

After Jane realises that father in law to be Max knew all about Steven’s scam and was going along with it, she goes to confront him.

But Max is determined that she won’t stand in the way of his big scheme – he’s spent MONTHS planning this – so he visits Steven for another angry confrontation.

Actor Jake Wood plays evil Max Branning (Credit: BBC)

And he warns him that if he doesn’t want their secrets to come spilling out, ruining both of their lives, then there’s only one thing for it – Steven has to KILL Jane.

With Max holding his future in his hands (he could blackmail him over at least half a dozen things), Steven is a desperate man.

Jane discovered Abi and Steven’s sordid secret on Friday (Credit: BBC)

He confronts Jane in Beale’s and the pair have an intense stand-off. Then with the flames raging around the Square, and with disabled Jane stuck inside the restaurant, he has an idea – and starts a fire there too.

But will he really be able to walk away and leave Jane to die?

Aaron Sidwell, who plays the loopy one, says: “Steven needs to be held responsible for the things he’s done, of course, but he’s being virtually tortured into insanity by Max.

“I imagine there’s an element of pity rather than sympathy for Steven from the audience.”

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EastEnders is on BBC1 at 8pm on Monday.