EastEnders’ James Willmott-Brown attacked after his evil scheme is exposed

The rapist's family are beginning to turn on him as his evil scheme nears its end

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Things aren’t going well for James Willmott-Brown in EastEnders.

The rapist businessman – who is played by actor William Boyde in the BBC soap – has everything he has ever wanted with Walford under his control having bought, stole or cheated his way to owning most of the businesses and buildings in Albert Square.

Willmott-Brown doesn’t seem that scared of his youngest son (Credit: BBC)

But the price of victory doesn’t appear to be cheap for him as it soon becomes apparent that his youngest son Josh is sickened by what his father has done.

In upcoming scenes, Josh will stand up to his father and tells him exactly what he thinks.

Blasting his vile dad for his actions, he grabs him and violently shoves him back forcing him to listen.

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As an increasingly dubious Fi Browning watches on Josh rages about what Willmott-Brown has forced his family to do.

How Willmott-Brown reacts is a closely-guarded secret and Entertainment Daily has been sworn to secrecy, but it is set to be explosive.

However, it’s not just Josh who is starting to have second thoughts about their dodgy dad.

Fi watches on as Josh stands up to his evil father (Credit: BBC)

While Luke and his violent and controlling ways seems to be a chip off the old block, his sister Fi isn’t so sure.

It has already been revealed that Fi will find the courage to confront her dad about Kathy Beale’s rape.

It’s not known how Willmott-Brown reacts to his daughter’s accusations, but history suggests it won’t go that well.

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However, later Fi is given more reason to trust Kathy when an incident happens and Kathy helps Fi out of trouble.

Grateful for the help, Fi asks her dad’s nemesis to tell her the truth about what happened.

Will Kathy’s heartbreaking story be the push Fi needs to see her horrible father for what he really is?