EastEnders fans spot daft gaffe during last night’s chaotic episode

It just didn't seem right

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EastEnders viewers are such vigilant types – in last night’s episode loads of them took to Twitter to point out what they thought was a bit of a gaffe.

The episode opened with Fi sitting on the bench in the Square in what looked like morning light (Credit: BBC)

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The episode opened with manipulative Fi Browning sitting on the bench in the square in broad daylight.

From the look of the light in the scene, viewers assumed it was pretty early on in the morning.

But when Fi looked at her phone, it said on the display screen it was actually 19.44 (7.44pm) on September 1.

Fi’s phone read that it was actually 7.44pm on September 1 (Credit: BBC)

Viewers were left confused because from the look of the scene, there was no way this scene was taking place in the evening.

“Why does her phone say 19:44 when it’s morning?” one viewer queried. “I think her time might be slightly wrong.”

Another tweeted: “Clock’s wrong, love.”

And a third person said: “It’s very light outside to be 19:47.”

But the writers of the show cleverly clarified the time when, in a subsequent scene, Fi stepped into the Vic and greeted everyone with an “Evening”.

Google revealed it would be dusk at 19.44 and darker than what we saw (Credit: BBC)

And yet this still had viewers confused, especially those who had taken the time to Google and discovered it would have been dusk in London on September 1 at 19.44 and therefore darker than the scene would suggest.

This would mean that it most certainly wouldn’t have been this bright in real life, confirming for the armchair skeptics that perhaps the scene was actually filmed early on in the day.

Gaffe aside, viewers were soon intrigued when Fi went to see Mick to tell him that her mum had taken her own life.

Later in the episode Fi told Mick that her mum had committed suicide (Credit: BBC)

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In the scene she told Mick: “She killed herself. It’s funny, isn’t it? When somebody has a disease or has a car crash, people always know what to say. But things like that, they don’t have a clue.”

Fi tries to make a move on Mick but he knocks her back (Credit: BBC)

However, while Fi put on a convincing performance for Mick, some viewers reckoned the whole story was her devious way of trying to get closer to him.

And they were right… as Fi attempted to make a move on Mick, only for him to knock her back and say he was a one woman man!


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