EastEnders fans shocked by dead body discovered in the Square

Many BBC viewers were sad to say goodbye to him...

It’s not the first time a dead body has been found in Walford (or the last), but Luke Browning’s death has left EastEnders fans feeling pretty shocked.

The villain’s corpse was finally uncovered last night (Monday 16 April) in a dark twist, as BBC viewers finally found out what happened to Luke following on from his sudden exit last year.

Turns out he was brutally murdered!

Luke Browning is brown bread (Credit: BBC)

Luke (played by Adam Astill) – the son of James Willmott-Brown – was last seen being bundled into a van by two masked men as Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) looked on.

Villain Aiden Maguire (Patrick Bergin) later admitted that he had killed Luke – but viewers knew nothing more about his death and a body was never discovered. Until now…

Bye bye Luke Browning! (Credit: BBC)

Vincent Hubbard – in deep doodoo of his own – found out the troubling news when he told DI Franklin (Tim Dantay) that it was gangster Aidan Maguire who’d actually arranged the botched heist, while also confirming that Phil was involved.

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Vincent (Richard Blackwood) even brought along some audio evidence, but it wasn’t quite enough to satisfy DI Franklin because there had been another break in the case.

Police had found Luke’s dead body in the canal, four months after he was bundled into the back of a van by Aidan and subsequently murdered.

It had been Phil who set Aidan onto Luke as revenge for scamming Ben, but a change-of-heart came too late as Aidan brutally massacred Luke.

DI Franklin dropped the bombshell that Luke’s body had been found (Credit: BBC)

Walford police now believe that it was Phil who was responsible for Luke’s death, but they need Vincent to deliver them proof…

Shocked viewers were quick to react to the confirmation that Luke Browning had definitely been killed after all these months of pondering – some had even hoped that he’d come back alive.

One said: “Luke is dead? I wanted him back as a full time villain.”

Another said: “You can’t drop a bombshell like this on us EastEnders. Boring stuff about the club, some nonsense about Big Mo, LUKE BROWNING IS DEAD.”

A third said: “It should have been left ambiguous that Luke Browning was ever killed. I know that writers are ashamed of the Willmott-Brown storyline but come on, Luke was good! […] John Yorke, I wanna let you know that you break my heart. Killing off Luke Browning, a villain who was genuinely good is disgraceful.”

Many more fans believe the pact Vincent has made with Franklin will end with his OWN death.

One predicted: “Vincent grassing on Phil and Aidan means he’s leaving in a box.”

Another added: “Go Vincent digging his own grave ,don’t mess with the Big Phil or u will be swimming with the fishes.”

Vincent’s character will be leaving in a dramatic storyline in the coming weeks.

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