EastEnders fans now convinced Ronnie and Roxy were MURDERED!

Did Max do away with them?

Max Branning has certainly been at the root of a lot of the terrible things that have happened in Walford over the past 12 months, but EastEnders fans have a theory that he may have been involved in two more deaths.

Cast your minds back to last New Year’s Day when Jack Branning and Ronnie Mitchell tied the knot, only for Ron and her sister, Roxy, to drown in the swimming pool.

Ronnie and Roxy died last New Year’s Day (Credit: BBC)

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Roxy died from a drug-induced heart attack when she hit the water, while Ronnie drowned trying to save her, her huge wedding frock weighing her down.

But just before the sisters met for that fateful midnight swim, Roxy was plotting a night of passion with a newly released Max.

Max discovered Roxy – who’d previously battled a drug addiction – had cocaine in her make-up bag, but she decided not to take them and hit the champers instead.

Later, when Max realised that something bad had happened at the hotel, he hid Roxy’s drugs when the police searched the room, flushing them down the sink at home.

Could he possibly have been covering his own back?

Max got rid of Roxy’s drugs (Credit: BBC)

Let’s just dust off our detective caps for a moment and have a look at some facts.

  1. Roxy decided not to take the drugs
  2. She died from a drug-induced heart attack

Is it possible that Max could have spiked Roxy’s drink? Obviously he couldn’t have foreseen that she’d jump into a swimming pool, followed by her sister, but was Max planning something evil even back then?

Max will hit rock bottom at Christmas (Credit: BBC)

‘Enders fans are certainly coming to that conclusion.

“Did max spike roxy at New Years then?” asked one baffled viewer.

Another wondered: “Is it just me starting to wonder if Max had something to do with Ronnie and Roxy’s deaths? #EastEnders”

While a third pondered: “Was it proven that Max couldn’t have had anything to do with Ronnie & Roxy, even the drugs for example? I just wouldn’t put it past them to drag that up again to mess up Jack and/or provide another motive! #EastEnders.”

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Max’s darkest secrets – including the fact he was responsible for Steven Beale’s death and Jane Beale fleeing Walford – are set to come out in an explosive Christmas Day episode.

Could this be another one of them?

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