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EastEnders fans heartbroken as Linda learns latest Mick cheating twist

Why why whyyy must EastEnders do this to us?

EastEnders fans were left devastated last night when it looked like Mick and Linda could be ov-ah again, just after they’d seemed to get back on track, AKA headed upstairs with sexy looks on their faces.

But when Linda caught up with her mate Denise on her return to the square, they had a classic soap crossed wire chat which ended up in Denise telling her there was more to the Mick/ Whitney shenanigans than she first thought.

“I had to come back, Mick called me, he said he started to have feelings…” Linda said, flashing a glance in Whit’s direction.

Yeah, that’s an annoying face to see on the woman that’s snogged your fella (Credit: Twitter)

And then Denise looked up tactless in the dictionary and leapt right in going “OH YEAH THE SNOG, I KNOW ABOUT THE SNOG, THE SNOG, THE SNOG, THE SNOG.”

Or something along those lines.

What she actually said: “Ok well look, I’m glad he’s told you, and it’s all in the past, I’ve got to admit I didn’t know what to think when I saw them at the hospital.

“After the bus crash I saw them kissing. I’ve wondered about telling you and just thought it’s not any of my business.”

Flashback (Credit: BBC)

That’ll be the time Mick kissed Whitney after the bus crash, a thing Linda knew nothing about.

“But like I say it’s good he told you,” said Denise. “And clearly you’re fine with Whitney now.”

So we’re back to (Albert) square one. Cheers Denise.

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The news is especially awful because while Linda thought Mick’s feelings for Whit were a recent thing, this kiss happened back in January.

And viewers were about as broken as Linda by her reaction.

Denise EastEnders (Twitter)
Denise, stop talking, STOP TALKING (Credit: Twitter)

“I actually felt Linda‘s heart break at the end of #eastenders today :/// too much,” one posted.

Another added: “Damn It Denise! I know you were only telling the truth but linda had FINALLY begun to move on! Don’t backtrack”

And a third said: “Jesus no! I had a physical reaction when Denise told Linda about the other kiss”

Oh The Carters, how we miss the fun, untroubled you (Credit: BBC)

Spoilers have revealed that Linda will set out for revenge though – of course, this is soap 101 – flirting with Whit’s fiance Woody when the foursome have the world’s most uncomfortable meal next week, before revealing to him what happened between them.

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And the meal could well be the end of the Carters’ marriage.

Does the BBC have a helpline set up? Because if you split up Mick and L for good, guys, we’re going to need a helpline.

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