EastEnders fans ‘disgusted’ with Stacey Fowler’s way of making tea

EastEnders fans won't bat an eyelid when you cheat on your husband, but woe betide you if you make a brew the wrong way

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Stacey Fowler has enraged EastEnders viewers – with her way of making tea.

The former hairdresser – played by actress Lacey Turner in the BBC soap – barely had fans raising an eyelid when she reignited her affair with Max Branning, but when she made the tea by putting milk in the cup before the boiling water, viewers couldn’t hold back.

The teabags went in first, as is traditional (Credit: BBC)
Stacey, presumably under the influence of Max, then added the milk (Credit: BBC)
Then the water went in but by that time viewers had had quite enough (Credit: BBC)

One wrote: “What’s Stacey doing putting the milk in the tea before she’s even boiled the kettle??? #EastEnders”

Another added: “I’m not sure what’s worse, Stacey having another affair with Max or watching her make a cup of tea by putting the milk in first #eastenders”

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A third tweeted: “Max and Stacey may be bad enough, but the worst thing about the whole situation was Stacey putting milk in first for her tea #eastenders.”

“I cannot believe that #Stacey just did that!! Putting milk in tea before the hot water is just WRONG! #Eastenders,” said another.

Viewers were disgusted by Stacey’s actions (Credit: BBC)
They flocked to social media to slam her (Credit: BBC)

A fifth wrote: “As if sleeping with Max wasn’t bad enough, Stacey’s just put the milk in her tea before the hot water #EastEnders”

Another added: “Don’t know if I’m more offended that Stacey poured the milk before the water to make tea, or that she’s starting with max again #eastenders”

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A sixth agreed, tweeting: “Forget Max…Why did Stacey just put the milk in before the hot water when she made tea?! Lock her up. #EastEnders”

Stacey’s behaviour frankly disgusted viewers, one of whom said he was going to switch over for the crime against beverages.

He wrote: “Stacey just poured milk first in her tea and I’m ready to change channels for that disgusting behaviour wtf #EastEnders.”

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