EastEnders fans convinced Linda’s going to embark on an affair with another Walford resident

They're certainly growing closer

Since Mick and Linda Carter stepped foot in the Square, they’ve been the ultimate #relationshipgoals. Together since childhood, beautiful kids and they got through the horrific ordeal of Linda being raped by Mick’s brother, Dean.

But now fans think she might have her head turned by a certain Jack Branning…

In a soap world where affairs and infidelity are rife, it looked like Mick and Linda could be the shining beacon of success.

Mick and Linda have always been solid (Credit: BBC)

Buuuuuut, things changed horribly for the couple this year when Linda whipped off to look after her sick mum in Watford and Mick was left to man The Vic alone.

Thanks to their son Lee’s debts and some other catastrophies that may or may have not been caused by a vengeful Max Branning, Linda and Shirley sold the freehold to the pub behind Mick’s back.

Shipping this potential ship (Credit: BBC)

Mick never really got his head around this betrayal – more angry with his wife, than his mum. And at the same time, Whitney was there, giving him the support he needed.

BUT – if he knew that Linda actually had cancer and was undergoing treatment, there’s no way Mick would have even glanced in Whit’s direction.

He would have been at Linda’s side in a heartbeat.

Anyway, the Walford massive are now demanding for something even more show-stopping than Mick-ney.

Linda’s still choosing to confide in Jack over her husband (Credit: BBC)

Yes, they want Jinda. Or Lack. Or whatever ship name they’d give Jack and Linda, because THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE ASKING FOR.

And actually, we kinda see their point. Linda is blonde, beautiful and family-orientated, and Jack is the kinda guy who will burst through an ambulance window to save a young lad.

Linda has felt let down by Mick, and then there’s Jack, all action hero in his tight, white shirt, saving the life of her son.

Who wouldn’t blame her for fancying him? But would Mick do the dirty on his mate?

Fans are certainly convinced it’s going to happen.


OMG! Without even realising it, we’ve become totally team Jack and Linda. The more we think about it, the cuter they’d be together.

Much better than Jack and the plant nanny.

But would Linda ever go there? Now she’s decided to put her marriage first, would she really jeopardise it all for Jack?

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