EastEnders fans blast “dull” storyline and demand its characters are dumped

The soap is covering a serious topic, but fans are not impressed

On paper, the storyline of Ted and Joyce should be leaving viewers gripped, but fans are really not happy.

EastEnders viewers saw how Mick and Linda Carter were furious when they learned that Ted (Christopher Timothy) had shot their son Johnny, and that Joyce (Maggie Steed) wanted the truth covered up.

Joyce and Ted have been hiding some secrets (Credit: BBC)

Ted later confessed to Mick (Danny Dyer) that he has been suffering post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing his best mate killed in the Suez in the 1950s, and felt guilty that he hadn’t prevented it.

It’s a serious topic, but not one that viewers are loving.

“I’m really not sure I’m invested enough to care about Ted and Joyce,” wrote one fan.

“No point to Ted and Joyce at all,” added another.

Fans were quick to complain about the storyline (Credit: Twitter)

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Others are missing Pam and Les Coker. “Ted and Joyce r so uninteresting!,” wrote one viewer. “Bring back the real Pam and Les #Eastenders [sic].”

“Why is Joyce taking all the blame?? This ted is literally the most irrelevant character #eastenders.”

Joyce explained the truth to Linda. “He was a national service boy, wet behind the ears.

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Joyce confessed to Linda (Credit: BBC)

“They had known each other forever.

“He [Ted] could have saved Malcolm. His finger was on the trigger.

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“He was armed but he froze – and it’s been haunting  him ever since.”

Mick had a heart-to-heart chat with Ted and advised him to seek professional help. His son Johnny is still in hospital.

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