EastEnders fans angry with Michelle Fowler storyline as she exits soap

The original character's return divided viewers

Michelle Fowler has left Walford in a cloud of controversy – much like her arrival.

BBC viewers saw the legendary EastEnders character flee the Square after being accused of sleeping with teenager Hunter.

Something she wasn’t actually guilty of…

Louise was inadvertently involved in Michelle’s downfall (Credit: BBC)

Earlier this week, troublemaking Hunter had told his mum Mel that Michelle had tried to seduce him. But really he was setting her up, after Michelle caught him in a compromising position with Louise…

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Michelle was due to tutor 15-year-old Hunter, when she walked in on him in a state of undress with Louise.

Hunter had it in for Michelle Fowler… (Credit: BBC)

After the teens pleaded with Michelle not to tell their parents, she agreed to keep quiet – so long as they promised to end their liaison.

But we all know that Hunter wouldn’t settle for that.

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Later scenes show Michelle recoil in horror as Mel accused her of trying it on with her son. And, it seems her fate was sealed when even her best pal Sharon wasn’t sure whether to believe her.

Happier times for the Easties originals (Credit: BBC)

Sharon pointed out that Michelle had “form” after she had a secret affair with student Preston Cooper, 17, which was exposed to the rest of the Square last year.

As Michelle made the difficult decision to leave the Square before the police came knocking, fans spoke their minds on Twitter – with most happy to see her go…

One blasted: “Michelle Fowler…the end of an error. Her return was a total disaster.”

While another disagreed, arguing: “Michelle Fowler’s departure from #EastEnders was not because of recasting OR even Jenna Russell’s ability as an actor. It was because of rubbish storylining, and the poor management of Sean O’Connor.”

A third said: “All that hype with Michelle Fowler’s return and it’s been a total waste. I hope she is brought back in a few years and try it again. I know not everyone loved Jenna’s portrayal but I personally loved the scenes between her and Sharon.”

Michelle’s character divided fans from the start (Credit: BBC)

Last night’s episode of the soap (Tuesday 17 April) saw her say goodbye to best mate Sharon, telling her that she was going back to America to see kids Mark and Vicki before going travelling.

Michelle (played by Susan Tully at the time) was one of the original EastEnders characters, but first left the Square in 1995 to start a new life in the US.

Actress Jenna Russell joined the cast as Michelle in December 2016, but many fans struggled to warm to character again.

Will Michelle be back again? The door has been left open…

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