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EastEnders confirms surprise pregnancy

Is this a happy occasion?

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Kim Fox-Hubbard discovered she was preggers in last night’s Easties, after initially thinking she’d got food poisoning from Karen Taylor’s dessert during the safari supper for the Vic.

But Kim’s puking was nothing to do with food – it was actually morning sickness.

Kim looked pretty chuffed with the news (Credit: BBC)

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Linda Carter first put the idea in Kim’s head when she joked that she’d once had food poisoning that turned out to be their son, Johnny.

Although she laughed it off, insisting that she and Vincent took precautions whilst getting down, when she realised that no one else from the dinner was suffering, alarm bells started to ring.

Later, a test showed that Kim indeed had a bun in the oven and judging by the smile on her face, she’s delighted by the unexpected bubba.

But will hubby, Vincent Hubbard, feel the same way?

Kim and Vin already have a daughter together called Pearl, but they don’t appear to have discussed extending their family.

As Kim digests the news, we can’t help but wonder if the baby surprise will bring her and Vincent closer together, or drive them apart.

Definitely not food poisoning then (Credit: BBC)

It’ll be nice to see a bit more of Vincent who hasn’t had a storyline since approx. 2015.

Last year, Kim offered to take in Denise’s unplanned baby that she conceived during a drunken night of passion with Phil Mitchell.

Denise refused, saying she couldn’t bear watching the child grow up so close to home when she couldn’t give it what it needs.

We seem to remember that Vincent wasn’t too keen on the idea either.

Let’s hope he’s a bit more enthusiastic about this baby.

Over on Twitter, fans of the soap were delighted by the news that the Fox-Hubbard family would be growing.

One viewer tweeted: “I can’t believe Kim is pregnant again, I hope it’s two twin girls because I remember Kim saying she wants her next two kids named Ruby and Diamond.”

Another wrote: “Kim preggers, Vincent is gonna pass out!”

While a third added: “Congratulations Kim! I won’t lie, I’ve been waiting and looking forward to this day.”

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Don’t forget there’s no EastEnders tonight as it’s making way for Children In Need. It’s back on BBC One on Monday at 8pm.

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