EastEnders character makes shock return to deal Max Branning a new blow

Viewers were as surprised as he was

EastEnders viewers were stunned by the surprise return of an old character in last night’s episode.

The moment also came as a huge shock to Max Branning, played by Jake Wood, who had been expecting to see his son Oscar when his uninvited guest walked through the door.

Max had been expecting to see his son Oscar (Credit: BBC)

It was his former mother-in-law Cora Cross, who took great delight in telling him he would never see his son again after his recent bad behaviour.

She said: “I had a very interesting phone call from Denise this morning. I mean you have done some pretty low things but this?”

Cora, played by Ann Mitchell, was back to kick Max while he’s down (Credit: BBC)

She then dealt him a killer blow saying: “You are never – never – going to see that boy again. I’m going to make sure of it.”

Earlier in the episode, it seemed Max was going to try and get his life back on track after his plot to get revenge on everyone in Albert Square had been exposed.

He had plotted with Weyland and Co to have Walford redeveloped meaning many of his friends and neighbours would lose their homes and businesses.

Cora told her son-in-law he would never see Oscar again (Credit: ITV)

However, in a spectacular double-cross the company, and his girlfriend Fi, dumped him when they had used him for everything they wanted.

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Max’s brother Jack and daughter Abi have stuck by him and hoped a visit from his son, who moved away years ago with his mum and Max’s ex-wife Tanya, would boost his spirits.

EastEnders were delighted to see Cora return (Credit: BBC)

But once she heard what Max had been up to via a phone call from Denise Fox, she sent her mother, who has never been Max’s biggest fan, along to deal him a fresh blow.

Many EastEnders fans were delighted to see Cora, played by Ann Mitchell, return to kick Max while he’s down.

Others were disappointed it wasn’t the return of Tanya, played by Jo Joyner. But could she soon make a comeback in another shock twist? Especially as we know her daughters Lauren and Abi will soon be leaving the show.

The return of Cora with her devastating news looks set to tip Max over the edge as the soap builds to their Christmas Day episode.

The plot is building up to the Christmas Day special which will revolve around the Brannings (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders executive consultant John Yorke has promised the festive special will be one to remember.

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He said: “The really big story on Christmas Day, and one of the biggest stories we have ever told on EastEnders, will revolve around Max and how his past actions all come back to haunt him in the most powerful and appalling way.”

You don’t want to fall asleep after Christmas dinner and miss it!

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