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EastEnders viewers appalled by smutty pre-watershed sexual innuendo

This was all a bit unnecessary

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EastEnders has resembled a Quentin Tarantino movie lately, with heists and shootings and all sorts of nasty stuff going on in Albert Square.

But just for a moment in last night’s episode, the BBC soap slipped into Carry On film territory.

New baddies Aidan and Ciara Maguire were discussing business in Billy Mitchell’s funeral parlour when Ciara dropped a sexual innuendo that Sid James would’ve been proud of.

And seeing as the comment was made before the watershed, it left some viewers choking on their dinner.

Aidan and Ciara were obviously business associates in the past (Credit: BBC)

From their dialogue, it appeared that former criminal cohorts Aidan (Patrick Bergin) and Ciara (Denise McCormack) hadn’t seen each other for five years, and they had some important business to discuss.

But clearly, Aidan also had one or two personal matters he wanted to get off his chest.

Partially hidden by a Trilby hat, he tenderly caressed Ciara’s face and purred: “I’d do anything for you.”

Referring to the dead body in the parlour, Ciara smiled: “I guess he’s not the only stiff in the room, huh?”

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Well, that certainly pricked viewers’ ears up – and Twitter was soon ringing with shocked responses.

Alongside a couple of ‘vomiting’ emojis, one person scoffed: “Guess he’s not the only stiff in the room. Whaaat? Who’s writing this cack?”

There was some obvious frisson between the characters (Credit: BBC)

“Stiff in the room – ughhh I’m gonna be sick,” gagged another fan.

Another mocked: “Worst. Line. Ever. On #EastEnders right there. ‘I guess he’s not the only stiff in the room.’ Really?”

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And one viewer questioned: “A bit raunchy for 7:45pm, no?”

We imagine Ciara is going to get sucked into the whole heist plot – which means Denise McCormack could have some pretty tense scenes ahead as she finds her feet on the soap.

But fans are impressed by what they’ve seen of the Dublin-born actress so far. One tweeted: “Gotta say that I’m already a huge Ciara fan. Hope she’s hanging around Walford for a while.”

And another added: “She has that look of EastEnders icon about her.”

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