Eamonn Holmes launches into furious rant at airlines to ban serving nuts

It comes after the presenter's former colleague was left brain-injured after a severe allergic reaction

Eamonn Holmes launched into a furious rant on Wednesday’s This Morning at airlines for refusing to ban serving nuts during flights.

It comes after Eamonn and wife Ruth spoke to their former colleague Amy May Shead on Monday’s show, who was left brain-injured and unable speak after she ate some foods containing nuts.

The hosts continued the debate on today’s show and Eamonn couldn’t hold back his fury after it was revealed that airlines had refused to put a ban in place.

Eamonn hit out at airlines who refuse to stop serving nuts during flights (Credit: ITV)

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The Irish presenter said: “We have been banging on about this all week about nuts and where they should be dispensed, on airplanes for instance.

“Airlines, what is the problem? Get rid of them, just say, ‘Do you really need a nut that much that you can’t survive that journey?’ Someone may not survive that journey if nuts are served.”

Continuing his rant Eamonn, 57, said the show had contacted several airlines to come on the show and take part in the debate but none of them were able to.

Clearly starting to get angry, Eamonn vented: “We wanted to talk to airlines, one, two, three, ten of them to see why it seems so difficult to deal with nut allergies.

“As you will see now on your screen, we invited all of these airlines to come into the studio this morning.

“But unfortunately not one of them were able to have a representative available to be on the programme today.”

It comes after Eamonn and Ruth spoke to their former colleague who was left unable to speak due to a severe reaction (Credit: ITV)

“We’re on air until half twelve just if any of you are watching,” he said.

The presenting duo also spoke to a mother and son who had an awful incident with an airline a few years ago.

Judith Levitan and her son Daniel, who has a nut allergy, were refused on a flight to America due to Daniel’s allergy.

Judith told the hosts: “We were turned away from a plane in Florida, an American Airlines flight, because of the Daniel’s nut allergy.

“We flew out with them but were not allowed to fly home.

Daniel and mum Judith revealed they were refused on a flight due to Daniel’s nut allergy (Credit: ITV)

“We were told when we rang the airline three weeks before our holiday to approach the gate, tell the air hostess we were epi-pen carriers and ask her to make an announcement on the flight. She refused.”

“The pilot got off and asked what was going on, the air hostess told him Daniel was a danger to other passengers and she wanted to have our bags taken off the plane.

“She was successful and it took us a further two days to get home,” she added.

This all comes after a heartbreaking interview on Monday’s show where Ruth and Eamonn spoke to Amy, a former producer on the show, and her parents about the devastating incident.

Amy was on holiday in Budapest in April 2014 with friends when she suffered a catastrophic anaphylactic reaction.

Amy May suffered a catastrophic anaphylactic reaction after eating nuts at a restaurant on holiday (Credit: ITV)

She’d only taken one bite of food when she had the reaction and collapsed.

Amy had done all she could to stay safe at the restaurant. She told them she was allergic and even showed waiters a card in Hungarian to warn them.

But after tucking into her food she suffered a severe reaction.

Amy May was a producer on This Morning before she had her terrible reaction to nuts (Credit: ITV)

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Friends tried to help her by using two epi-pens she carried at all times but she was still left in a coma and her brain was starved of oxygen for nearly six minutes.

During Amy’s interview on ITV, host Ruth held her hand and told her she was missed by the team.

Despite not being able to speak, Amy was still very much aware of what was going on and Ruth took care to speak to her directly while Eamonn too told her at the end that he missed their conversations they used to have when they worked together.

Now both she and her parents are campaigning for nuts to be banned from planes because, they say, there’s a huge risk of keeping them in such confined spaces when somebody could be allergic.

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