Eamonn Holmes ‘insults’ and ‘body-shames’ This Morning colleague and guests

He was on a roll

Eamonn Holmes was on a roll on This Morning today with a series of cheeky comments to both his colleagues and guests.

Firstly, he called colleague Dr Chris Steele ‘ugly’.

Eamonn’s ‘ugly’ joke

Dr Chris was on to discuss staying healthy after lockdown, but he revealed he has suffered his own ailment.

Dr Chris This Morning Credit: ITV
Dr Chris has lost a tooth (Credit: ITV)

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When asked if he was okay, Dr Chris told hosts Eamonn and Ruth Langsford that he had lost a tooth. He said: “I can’t get a dentist appointment because it’s not an emergency, which is fair enough.”

Eamonn then quipped back: “It depends if being ugly is an emergency.” Cheeky!

Dr Chris took it in good humour and laughed it off before ploughing on with his segment.

Eamonn’s next insult came when they were interviewing farmer, Dot McCarthy, who is renting her goats out for Zoom calls.

Goats on This Morning credit: ITV
Eamonn turned his attention to goats on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Eamonn body shames a goat on This Morning

As it was revealed how popular the business idea has become, with people from all over the world hiring the goats and sneaking them into Zoom meetings without telling their boss, Eamonn was more focused on the goat itself.

He commented that the one in shot, Mary, was “oddly shaped”.

Dot quickly replied: “She’s just had a young kid, called Simone. So it’s just a bit of post baby weight, it happens to the best of us. There’ll be no body-shaming here.”

Goats on This Morning credit: ITV
No goat shaming on this show (Credit: ITV)

That told him!

But being told off didn’t stop him making yet another quip when Emmerdale actor Tony Audenshaw was being interviewed.

Haircut quip

Tony was live from the Dales to talk about returning to work and his character Bob Hope’s attempts at romance with Wendy Posner.

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After a clip played, Ruth asked him: “We’re looking at a clip there, Bob is clean-shaven, hair coiffured beautifully, this is no disrespect to you, but you’re a little windswept today, beard, are you going to clean yourself up a bit before you get back on set?”

Tony replied: “After 20 years I’ve got to do my own hair! I’ve had experts do my hair for 20 years. I’ve had to buy a brush, buy mousse!

“My daughter’s cut it for me, I think the cut’s okay, but it’ll just have to do as well as it is, won’t it?”

Tony Audenshaw on This Morning Credit: ITV
Tony’s hair was the butt of Eamonn’s next joke (Credit: ITV)

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Eamonn then cut in: “Who told you the cut was okay?”

This time it was Ruth who chastised her husband, saying: “Stop it!”

Luckily for Eamonn, Tony laughed it off and said it wasn’t bad from the back, showing it off.

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