Eamonn Holmes blunders on This Morning with schoolboy error

He should know better

Eamonn Holmes has been in the world of showbiz for hundreds of years, so you’d think by now he’d make sure that when he’s on air, he’s prepared.

But in today’s show, he suffered a rather embarrassing schoolboy mishap.

While he and wife Ruth were chatting to the eager stars of Celebs Go Dating, something happened that left Eamonn rather rosy-faced.

No, his trousers didn’t fall down.

His phone rang LIVE on air!

Midway through an interview, Eamonn’s phone rang (Credit: ITV)

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Being the professional presenter he is, the Irish wag proceeded to pretend to answer the call and joked with the TV daters –  James Argent, Georgia Toffolo and Sarah-Jane Crawford – that it was their dating agency on the line.

When Ruth asked him who the real caller actually was, Eamonn replied: “It’’s one of those hideous calls!”

He then said he was so irritated by the cold call, that he felt like reading out the number on air, admitting: “They call at the same time every day.”

Eamonn was so irritated by the cold caller he almost read out their number (Credit:ITV)

His grumpy comments follow an early morning swipe at his wife, Ruth Langsford.

During Good Morning Britain that he was preseting with Ranvir Singh, the pair were chatting to the cast of a new TV show called Bromans.

To introduce the segment, four scantily clad men carried entertainment co-host Amber from Love Island in on a throne.

Ranvir quipped: “I tell you what, they’ve got it easy, those lads. Amber’s tiny – they’ve got to carry me in a bit.”

Eamonn couldn’t resist making a cheeky dig.

“Do they?” he asked, before calling out: “Can we have four more Romans? Four more centurions?”

Ranvir laughed off the naughty comment and gave the northern Irish rascal playful slap.

Eamon made a naughty comment about wife Ruth needing two dancers to swinger her around on Strictly (Credit: ITV)

Then Eamon added: “It’s what I dread for Ruth on Strictly. She’s going to be the only dancer in history who’s going to require two males to swing her up.”

Ranvir was fast to jump to Ruth’s defence and said, “Oi! You leave her alone!”

But Eamonn was undeterred and carried on the joke.

“No I’m just saying,” he insisted. “I’m concerned! ‘Please welcome Ruth and her partners Romanov and… whatever… Hugo!'”

All poor Ranvir could do was burst into hysterics and clutch her head in her hands!

Poor Ranvir held her head in her hands at Eamonn’s cheekiness (Credit: ITV)

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Oh Eamonn!

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