Eamonn Holmes begs viewers for support as he and Ruth bicker over flies on This Morning

The This Morning hosts were celebrating their 10 year anniversary

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Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are celebrating their 10 year anniversary today, but that didn’t stop them bickering on This Morning!

The couple, who regularly have jokey arguments while presenting on a Friday, this time clashed over flies.

Alice Beer was due on to host a segment about pest control during lockdown and the heatwave.

As the pair trailed what was to come, Alice appeared and said she had “the kind and clever ways to get rid of pests from your house”.

Eamonn was very specific about what the flies do in their house (Credit: ITV)

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Flies blight Ruth and Eamonn

Ruth commented that they had flies and Eamonn said: “When a fly enters your house, it goes under a light pendant and it just goes in triangles around and around.”

Ruth said: “Because they’re attracted to the light.”

But Eamonn cut her off and said: “No. The light isn’t on, darling, the fly focuses on the centre of the room.”

“Does it?” Ruth said looking confused, “I just find them on the window.”

“Wrong,” Eamonn told her, “Surely you see flies…”

Ruth gets cross

Ruth Eamonn fly this morning
Eamonn left Ruth confused (Credit: ITV)

Ruth hit back: “No, I’ve just answered that question, no is the answer I gave you, I haven’t noticed them doing that round the lightbulb, I’ve just noticed them banging at the window trying to get out.”

“The viewers will back me up on this,” Eamonn said. “I’m telling you, if you have a light in the centre of the room under a pendant the fly will find it and all it will do is fly under it.”

Ruth questioned: “In the shade?”

“Under the light,” exasperated Eamonn said. “Somebody back me up on this. It’s absolutely true. It’s a fact. Viewers please help me out here.”

And help him out they did because Ruth later revealed the viewers had overwhelmingly backed Eamonn!

Viewers agreed

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Some supported Ruth

Eamonn Holmes Ruth Langsford ITV This Morning
Ruth just wanted a little bit of support (Credit: ITV)

“Can somebody just send one in support of me,” Ruth asked. “‘I agree with Ruth the flies are on the window’, just one!”

Eamonn replied: “But they’re not darling, they’re not.”

“They are,” Ruth insisted.

“They’re on the window as well,” Eamonn eventually conceded.

And luckily for Ruth some viewers did send in tweets in support of her.

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