Eamonn and Ruth apologise after cutting off Spin To Win caller despite correct pass phrase

They revisited him later in the show

A This Morning viewer has been given another chance at Spin To Win after being cut off despite saying the correct pass phrase.

Near the start of the show, the man picked up the phone to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford and, after a brief pause, muttered “bees knees”.

However, Eamonn insisted the man said “good evening” and cut him off.

A This Morning viewer was cut off despite saying the correct pass phrase (Credit: ITV)

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Eamonn said: “He said ‘good evening.'”

Ruth Langsford said: “Shh! He didn’t!” to which Eamonn replied: “He did. Why do you contradict me all the time with everything?

Why do you contradict me all the time with everything.

“He said ‘good evening,’ we phoned Dracula’s house, that’s what happened. Next!”

The hosts then moved on and eventually gave £1000 to a woman who said the correct pass phrase, which was “bees knees”.

This Morning
Eamonn and Ruth called Lee back later in the show (Credit: ITV)

However, viewers were convinced the first caller said the correct pass phrase.

They demanded he get another shot at the game and a chance to win cash.

What did they say?

One person said: “The first guy on Spin to Win definitely said the pass phrase.

“@EamonnHolmes @RuthieeL how did that sound like ‘Good evening’? We reminded it several times.

“Poor guy, I think they should ring him back and let him have a go!”

Another tweeted: “The first caller clearly said bees knees, not this evening. I played it back a few times.”

A third added: “Huge controversy going on about the first contestant saying the correct password.

“I definitely don’t think he would have said ‘Good evening’ (as was thought) at this time of day.”

Later in the show, Eamonn and Ruth revealed the man was being given another chance after the mistake was pointed out to them.

Eamonn said: “Breaking news just coming in, VAR have interceded on Spin To Win today and it appears that the guy who I knew said…”

Ruth cut in: “No I said, ‘I think he did say it’ and you said something else. Anyway the sound was not very good.”

Eamonn added: “I thought he said, ‘good evening’ but VAR has had a look so we’re getting him back and he’s getting a free Spin To Win today.

“Thank you very much indeed anybody who pointed that out.”

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Later in the show, Lee returned to the show to have his Spin To Win.

Eamonn told him: “Lee, apparently you did say it correctly. Just for clarity purposes, can you say it again.”

Ruth said: “Lee, we do apologise for earlier. Think we were having a few sound problems.”

Eamonn and Ruth apologised to Lee (Credit: ITV)

Eamonn then spun the wheel and Lee won £500, as the presenter told him: “Lee, I’m very sorry.”

At the end of the segment, Ruth added: “Enjoy your £500. We’re very sorry about earlier on.”

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