Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans spot another mobile blunder in last night’s episode

Fans shared their surprising discovery on social media

Bob and Laurel’s secret night together is out after Brenda discovers a text message on her husband’s phone – but instead of getting caught up with the drama on screen, viewers were more concerned with the date on Bob’s mobile.

Laurel sent Bob a message asking him: “Have you told Brenda the truth?” referring to their night of passion on the same evening Emma was killed.

One fan spotted the wrong date was on Laurel’s message to Bob (Credit: ITV)

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But one viewer must have been watching very closely as they spotted the date on the phone was Friday 15th December, when it should have read Monday 18th December – yesterday’s date.

Brenda didn’t let on that she knew about the affair – so when will it all come out? (Credit: ITV)

As they headed to social media to share their theories behind the blunder, other fans were concerned about what the future holds for Brenda and Bob now…

Other fans thought the whole scene where Laurel comes for dinner was hilarious.

Poor Brenda invited Laurel and her family over for dinner, unaware that she’d recently bedded her husband, Bob.

Things soon turned awkward at the village Christmas lunch (Credit: ITV)

After reading the text message, Brenda was left fuming at what she’s discovered, but didn’t let on to her husband that she knew about his infidelity.

Things were very awkward between Bob and Laurel in last night’s Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Queue some very awkward moments between the characters …

Also in the episode, viewers found it hilarious – and somewhat ironic – when Brenda told Laurel that Bob would “see to her every need” – leaving fans in stitches over the innuendoes…

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With Brenda now in the know – what will she do with her new-found information? With Christmas around the corner something tells us this could be a revelation that should be served with a turkey dinner.

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