Drawers Off: Channel 4 viewers all have same complaint about ‘inspiring’ show

They loved it so much they wanted it to last longer!

Drawers Off viewers all had the same complaint about the new life-drawing Channel 4 series – that it wasn’t long enough.

The show, presented by Jenny Eclair, was a huge hit with viewers who called it “inspiring”.

Jenny Eclair in Channel 4 series Drawers Off
Drawers Off was a big hit with viewers (Credit: Channel 4)

What is Drawers Off on Channel 4?

The show, which began its daily run on Channel 4 yesterday (Monday March 1) at 5.30pm, will run for four weeks.

In it comedian Jenny Eclair welcomed five amateur artists, who each have to whip off their clothes and let the other contestants draw or paint them.

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And, first to disrobe and let the other artists draw or paint her was graphic designer Siobhan, who revealed a goddess-meets-showgirl persona.

While the artists got to work, viewers took to social media to praise the light-hearted, fun new series.

However, many of them had the same complaint.

What was the viewers’ one complaint?

One viewer said on Twitter: “This is another show that’s too short and another feel good show #DrawersOff.”

Another wrote: “Proper enjoyed that. Could easily be stretched to an hour #drawersoff.”

Subsequently, a third commented: “My only complaint about #DrawersOff is that it’s not long enough. Loved it.”

Finally, a fourth said: “I loved it. Great format, could happily have watched it for an hour. Can’t wait for the next one #Drawsoff.”

They called it ‘inspiring’

Despite complaints that the show was too short, viewers absolutely loved it.

Some even called it “inspiring”.

One viewer said on Twitter: “Totally INSPIRED by @Channel4’s new show #Drawersoff.

“Cannot wait to get back in my classroom and draw with my students. BOOM!”

Warm-hearted, funny, little bit naughty and always inspiring.

Another wrote: “Loved #DrawersOff.

“Warm-hearted, funny, little bit naughty and always inspiring – and on every night this week. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s offering!”

Jenny Eclair in Channel 4 series Drawers Off
Siobhan was the first to pose for the artists (Credit: Channel 4)

Who won yesterday’s show?

In yesterday’s opening show, Siobhan had to judge the four artists’ interpretations of her pose.

After Jenny revealed contestant Sara’s drawing, Siobhan said: “This one makes me laugh, I don’t know why.”

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Jenny responded, “It’s the sort of older, fatter you, isn’t it?”

In the end, she chose tattooist Glyn’s drawing as the winner.

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