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Saturday 24th August 2019

Viewers left utterly 'baffled' by The Cry's 'jumpy' plot

Lack of chronology confused some

New BBC drama The Cry has been branded "irritating" by viewers who said the way it switched between timelines made it confusing and hard to follow.

The series, starring Jenna Coleman as a mother whose baby disappears, debuted on Sunday night.

Jenna Coleman stars as a mum whose baby is snatched (Credit: BBC)

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From the start the story jumped back and forwards between the past, present and future, leaving viewers baffled – and annoyed.

Many questioned why the tale could not be told in chronological order.

"I can’t get into this it keeps jumping from one thing to another, why do they do that, why can’t it start at the beginning and carry on from there, instead of keep going back and forth," said one person on Twitter.

"When this is finished can someone edit it all into chronological order so I can make more sense of it," suggested another.

One viewer posted: "Watching #TheCry on @BBC1 but so many confusing flashbacks it’s totally impossible to know what’s happening and when; especially when the husband looks the same in every scene??? #givingup."

"#TheCry – not sure about it, it’s awfully disjointed…I know that’s what they’re aiming for but it just comes over as annoying rather than unsettling," tweeted another person.

"Not enjoying the flip-flopping in #TheCry It’s irritating me beyond belief," moaned another.

Despite the gripes about the structure, viewers were gripped by the subject.

"So many questions.. such quality.. brilliant writing , clever story , great acting .. all good," one person said.

"I was literally at the edge of my seat," posted another.

Jenna's character Jo embarked on an affair (Credit: BBC)

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There was also plenty of praise for Coleman’s acting.

"@Jenna_Coleman_ astounding performance on #TheCry. What a wonderful actress you are. Was looking forward to see you on this TV show, I’m not disappointed !" praised one impressed viewer, while another said the actress’s performance gave them “chills”.

The Cry continues on BBC One next Sunday. Will you be watching? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think.