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Tuesday 18th June 2019

Viewers blast Sheridan Smith's new show Cleaning Up over major plot hole

Twitter fans pointed out a blunder

There's no doubting Sheridan Smith's talent, and her new show Cleaning Up is set to be compelling viewing.

But not everyone was convinced by the new ITV series - which started last night - with many flocking to social media to point out a major plot hole.

Sheridan's character goes on the traders' computers (Credit: ITV)

Sheridan, 37, plays mum-of-two, Sam, who cleans offices late at night to pay off gambling debts.

She ends up getting mixed up in an insider trading scam after going through the computers of City traders late at night.

But fans pointed out it could never happen, as traders would never be allowed to leave their computer screens unlocked at night.

The character gets caught up in illegal insider trading (Credit: ITV)

One viewer, who clearly knows better, wrote: "All those screens left unlocked overnight 🤷‍♂️ I get in trouble for leaving mine unlocked for a minute walking away from my desk! Something tells me insider trading isn’t their only problem #CleaningUp."

Cleaning Up drama on ITV is shaping up to be an absolute mess, utterly unrealistic from the start

Another added: "Pretty bad security in that trading firm - unlocked screens, with trading data in view?! #CleaningUp."

Viewers couldn't believe computers would be left on (Credit: ITV)

A third blasted: "This #CleaningUp drama on ITV is shaping up to be an absolute mess, utterly unrealistic from the start 🙄." While a fourth complained: "Looks like this company has never heard of GDPR! Unlocked screens, important stuff on desks #CleaningUp."

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Many though, absolutely loved the six-part show, with one tweeting: "I really enjoyed cleaning up Sheridan Smith was amazing, as usual xxxx."

'Sam' is in financial trouble (Credit: ITV)

Another gushed: "Cleaning up ...once again gripped by drama... loved it ...amazing ...much respect to all in the making of programme, especially Sheridan... x."

A third added: "Enjoyed first episode of cleaning up😊. Always like Sheridan Smith talented actress and singer as well. Come a long way since Gavin and Stacey 😊 Tideee."

While one more tweeted: "New show cleaning up w/Sheridan Smith is glorious."

The Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps star has had a rough year, but recently made a move to the countryside to start afresh, alongside toyboy fiancé Jamie Horn.

Sheridan, who has been struggling since sadly losing her dad in 2016, spoke about the life change at the launch of Cleaning Up in November.

She said: "I’ve just moved away into the countryside. I’ve always wanted to move away and have my farm and just be surrounded by animals. So that’s happening at the minute and it’s really exciting. I’ve bought four donkeys, two goats and two pigs. I’ve rescued them."

The West End star is a viewer favourite (Credit: ITV)

The talented star added: "I’m not very good with money but I’m starting to get better. I’m starting to get financial advice on things now instead of just buying more animals."

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