The Bay viewers think they’ve guessed the father of Holly’s baby

Not Dylan, surely!?

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ITV crime drama The Bay is approaching its conclusion and a new twist in the latest episode had fans clamouring to offer their take on what’s going on.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Lisa had to come clean (Credit: ITV)

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Episode five of the gripping six-part show aired last night (April 17th) and saw Holly brought in for police questioning after she was found alive at an abandoned summer camp.

It was revealed Nick helped hide her and Holly claimed she was just trying to get away from her stressful life living with mum Jane and step-dad Sean.

Holly claimed to have killed Dylan (Credit: ITV)

Viewers also discovered Sean and his boat crew have been involved in a serious drug-smuggling operation, but one of the biggest bombshells of the episode came shortly after Holly was found, while she was still at hospital.

Tests showed the teenager is pregnant and viewers think they know who the father is, with suspects ranging from Sean and her uncle Ryan to detective Lisa‘s teenage son Tom, drug dealer Vincent and even, incredibly, Holly’s own twin brother Dylan.

Is Sean the father? (Credit: ITV)

One tweeted: “Vincent and Holly met after her dad started doing drug deals with him, they had an affair and he is father of baby. Dylan found out about baby and there was an argument, which Vincent overheard. Vincent killed Dylan. Side note: he is recruiting Abbey for a new dealer.”

Another viewer wrote: “Dead brother possibly the father, or did he know the actual father and Holly decided to quiet him for good, before he could reveal the secret? Looking forward to next week, definitely worth watching.”

A third said: “#TheBay I think the father of Holly’s baby is Lisa’s son, the shoplifter.”

Tom seems… unlikely (Credit: ITV)

A fourth fan of the show commented: “The creepy guy [Vincent] that has befriended the cop’s daughter is the father of Holly’s baby.”

Someone else said: “Why do I now have the feeling Dylan is the father of Holly’s baby #TheBay.”

A sixth tweeted: “The baby’s father holds the key… could it be her uncle (the one with rolls of money in his room) or that man (councillor person) who wanted to find out how Holly was? Or maybe the step dad…”

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Episode five closed with a slew of tense scenes, as poor Nick was arrested for obstruction (he knew Dylan was dead long before his body was found), Sean revealed everything about the drug operation minus names, Lisa admitted to having sex with Sean and deleting the CCTV footage – and Holly claimed to have killed Dylan.

The Bay will conclude next Wednesday (April 24th) at 9pm on ITV

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