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Monday 17th June 2019

Seven burning questions after episode two of Line of Duty series five

More hints that Ted Hastings is H, or a schoal of red herrings?!

It seems crazy that we are only two hours into the new series of Line of Duty – so much confounding new information and even more shifty looks already.

As we scratch our heads over what played out in episode two, here are the questions we most want answers to...

1. Is Ted's financial 'saviour' Mark Moffatt part of the OCG?

What's little man Moffatt up to? (Credit: BBC)

We have long since known that Ted has financial issues. Last night a former cop (DCI, no less!), Mark Moffatt, who now works 'for a friend' in property, offered to help Ted get compensation for an investment gone wrong some years hence.

Is this guy actually working for the OCG? Remember Maneet's cousin Vihan Malhotra revealed they snare people by offering to help with debts etc. and then blackmail them over some dirty laundry?

Cafferty also admitted she'd been subject to the same tactics when interrogated by Steve and Kate at the end of the episode.

2. Is Lee suspicious of Corbett?

What does Lee think he knows? (Credit: BBC)

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There was a certain look on his face during the raid on the police convoy after Corbett barged him out of the way to shoot a copper – and once again as the gang celebrated their haul of weapons.

Does Lee dislike Corbett because he's only been in the gang for a year and is already muscling his way up to the top... or does he suspect Corbett's not what he seems?

And did he share that with anyone else before getting busted with bent cop Cafferty?

3. Why did Steve not tell Kate about his contact with Corbett?

Something he failed to mention... (Credit: BBC)

Does Steve still not fully trust Kate? They shared a conversation earlier in the episode speaking about working with someone but not really knowing them...

Or perhaps he's not as happy as he appears that his mate is now his Ma'am, and is looking for a bit of his own glory?

4. Was Ted's picture among the mugshot suspects?

Was Ted among the pictures? (Credit: BBC)

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At the end of last night's episode Kate quizzed Cafferty over who had approached her to hand over information.

When Cafferty indicated that it was a cop, Kate pulled down the mugshots of all the senior police who are suspects from the evidence wall, before taking some more papers from a drawer.

Cafferty identified which corrupt cop recruited her (Credit: BBC)

She then showed the images to Cafferty, who pointed at one. Kate then shook her head, and Hastings – watching on from his office – looked shifty.

What's he 'H'iding? (Credit: BBC)

You may recall at the end of last series, Ted asked for his image to be take down from the wall display... was that among the pile of papers Kate picked up?

5. Who deleted key information about Corbett – and why?

Who's wiped Corbett's details? (Credit: BBC)

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Corbett – or John Clayton as he's known to his fellow gangsters – ceased communication with his covert police comms officer and 'went rogue'.

Around this time his files were redacted. Corbett told Steve that he believed he was onto H – was it him?

6. Was Ted's laptop a clue he'd been talking to Corbett?

Was Ted just on Plenty of Fish? (Credit: BBC)

We saw Corbett communicate with (who we are led to suspect is) 'H' using a messaging system on the computer at the the gangsters' HQ. Later, Ted's laptop in his hotel room appeared to be open on a page using the same system...

7. Is Corbett a good guy?

Corbett forging a bromance with Steve (Credit: BBC)

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"Everything I've said is the God's honest truth and I'll prove it," Corbett told Steve after hijacking him at gunpoint.

AC-12 think he's gone 'rogue' but he explained his 'criminal' activities were just "stunts" to "get attention" and "access to to the top man".

Him ensuring that no innocent cops were injured in the second raid seems to back up this claim.

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