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Saturday 24th August 2019

ITV viewers point out massive plot hole in Sheridan Smith's Cleaning Up

Difference is skills ability

Sheridan Smith’s new ITV drama Cleaning Up has once again been pulled up for some serious plot holes after fans were left baffled over her character Sam’s ability to hack confidential files despite not being able to use a computer properly.

Sheridan Smith on ITV drama Cleaning Up (Credit: ITV)

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The ITV drama follows the mum-of-two, who works as a cleaner late at night at a top financial firm to pay off gambling debts.

Sam's desperation to provide for her family leads to her getting involved in an insider trading scam with her friends after searching through city traders' computers during the night while they work.

This programme is really frustrating me. Can’t use excel yet can hack a computer for confidential files.

However, fans were quick to question her skill to hack confidential files despite the fact she struggled to master spreadsheets on Microsoft Excel when applying for a job just a couple of scenes earlier.

Sheridan's character Sam struggled to work Excel during last night's episode of Cleaning Up (Credit: ITV)

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But despite her lack of savvy with spreadsheets just a few scenes later Sam is suddenly downloading confidential files onto a USB drive.

One viewer wrote: "She couldn’t work Excel in the interview bit now, all of a sudden she can hack these computers??"

While another added: "This programme is really frustrating me. Can’t use excel yet can hack a computer for confidential files. Little consistency would be nice @ITV has the potential to make a gripping drama yet lost it with missing basic sense."

Cleaning Up sees cleaners turn computer hackers (Credit: ITV)

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The drama had already been slammed by viewers for plot holes in the storyline, who pointed out that traders would never leave their computers unlocked at night.

One viewer tweeted: "Pretty bad security in that trading firm – unlocked screens, with trading data in view?! #cleaningup."

Sheridan Smith singing on The One Show (Credit: BBC)

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The 37-year-old actress was also dealt another blow as it was revealed she was struggling to sell tickets to her upcoming UK Tour, Sheridan Smith A Northern Soul.

According to The Sun, Sheridan had only sold a third of the tickets for her homecoming gig in Hull.

A source told The Sun: "The size of the venues was ambitious this time around and some have been harder to sell than others.

"Bosses hope that it picks up in the next couple of weeks."

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