“Endless” sex in new BBC drama a turn-off for viewers

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The end of summer and the onset of autumn – and those cold, dark nights – is made a little easier by a new season of TV to settle into.

From the biggest entertainment shows to the best dramas, September marks an exciting time in the television calendar.

But much-hyped BBC drama Wanderlust has failed to, er, hit the spot with viewers so far.

Bored of marital sex! (Credit: BBC1)

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Starring Hollywood star Toni Colette and Brit actor Stephen Mackintosh, it centres around the marriage of Joy and Alan.

They still love each other and want to remain a couple – they just don’t want to have sex with each other. There are other people to fullfil that.

Given the adult nature of the drama, there were plenty of sex scenes to illustrate the theme in last night’s opening episode.

And they didn’t go down well with some viewers.

Wanderlust didn’t hit the spot for some (Credit: BBC)

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“Wanderlust is overhyped – just endless sex scenes over actual storyline,” moaned one on Twitter.

“I’m not remotely interested in middle-aged people having sex. Why does the BBC think anyone would be? #Wanderlust,” sighed another.

“This is the most awkward show I have ever watched on TV #Wanderlust,” exclaimed a third.

Some viewers loved it, though and made fun of the predictable detractors…

One wrote: “Loved #Wanderlust. Glad I wasn’t watching with my mum! Middle aged couples all over Britain are giving each other sidelong glances. I can imagine the haters watching all the way through just to make sure they hated it.”

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