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Tuesday 25th February 2020

Dublin Murders viewers united in confusion as BBC whodunit takes a grizzly turn

Too many characters?

Fans of Dublin Murders are still "proper confused" and have "no clue" what's going on in the grizzly BBC drama.

We're now three episodes into the eight-part whodunit, but it appears viewers are still baffled about who is who and what's been happening in this gritty new show.

In the third installment, aired last night (21.10.19), detectives Rob Reilly (Killian Scott) and Cassie Maddox (Sarah Greene) continued to investigate links between the 1985 disappearance of two children and the recent murder of 13-year-old Katy Devlin (Amy Macken).

Warning! Episode three spoilers ahead.

Cassie and Rob investigating a potential suspect (Credit: BBC)

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The coppers confronted cleaner Sandra Sculley (Carolyn Bracken) for lying in a previous episode, when she said she didn't know the parents of the murdered girl - Jonathan and Margaret Devlin (Peter McDonald and Kathy Monahan) - despite the fact that Jonathan was her teenage sweetheart.

Later in the episode, Rob and Cassie's investigation into the mysterious 'man in a French blue tracksuit' - spotted hanging around in the woods near the murder site - intensified when Katy's twin sister, Jessica, told them a man in blue 'running clothes' had asked the siblings if they wanted to come and see some kittens.

Jessica said a man in a blue 'running suit' approached her and Katy (Credit: BBC)

Episode three also delivered the series' first real shocker of an ending when Cassie was called out of bed early by Frank, who is believed to be a former colleague.

She was driven to a derelict building in the middle of nowhere and told to put keep her hood up to conceal her identity. There, she met several police officers, Frank and her copper boyfriend Sam (Moe Dunford) at a murder scene.

The victim was the mysterious Lexie, who looks exactly like Cassie.

Who was Lexie? (Credit: BBC)

On Twitter, many viewers admitted they had absolutely no idea what was happening, with a number of the top burning questions still unanswered.

One said: "I have absolutely no idea what's going on in Dublin Murders. Episode three and not a clue. #DublinMurders."

I haven't got a Scooby-Doo what's going on anymore!

Another tweeted: "I'm proper confused #DublinMurders."

A third wrote: "#DublinMurders So confused as to who, why, when, what is going on, but I can't stop watching! Glad we get two episodes a week - I couldn't cope with just one."

Someone else said: "Am I the only one completely confused by #DublinMurders? Why is everyone so weird? What's going on?!"

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Others thought the problem was down to there being too many characters.

"This had real potential after the first two episodes but I haven't got a Scooby-Doo what's going on anymore!" complained another baffled viewer, adding: "Too many names to remember."

Someone else put: "Can anyone please explain to me what the feck is going on in the #DublinMurders? Too many characters. My teeny tiny brain is frazzled."

- Dublin Murders continues tonight (22.10.19) on BBC One at 9pm

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