Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise: Viewers hit out at ‘repetitive’ exit narratives and ‘unbelievable’ storylines

Familiar territory

Fans of Death in Paradise have criticised the BBC crime drama for ‘repeating’ narratives and using ‘unbelievable’ storylines.

Ardal O’Hanlon’s DI Jack Mooney is set to leave the show soon as he makes way for new detective DI Neville Parker, played by former Royle Family actor Ralf Little.

Ralf Little Death in Paradise Credit: (Red Planet Pictures/BBC)
Ralf Little will play the show’s new lead detective (Credit: BBC)

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And it appears Jack’s set to leave the show in a similar way to his predecessor, Kris Marshall’s DI Humphrey Goodman.

While producers have remained tight lipped over the manner in which his exit will play out, fans have been piecing the plot together and it looks as though Jack will leave to pursue romance with tourist Anna, played by ex EastEnders star Nadia Wadia.

Death in Paradise
Anna and Jack (Credit: BBC)

Similarly, Humphrey left the fictional island setting of Saint Marie to move back to London with his love, Martha Lloyd.

Viewers rushed to Twitter to bemoan the similarities between the two exit stories.

Isn’t this Jack and Anna story the same as Humphrey’s departure?

One said: “Oh man! Humphrey left for a woman and now Mooney’s doing the same. So many cast changes, so little variation!”

Another wrote: “Same as Humphrey’s exit story #DeathInParadise.”

A third said: “Isn’t this Jack and Anna story the same as Humphrey’s departure? #DeathInParadise.”

Last night’s (23.01.20) Death in Paradise also saw viewers mock part of the episode for lacking in believability.

The Tour des Antilles cycling race arrived on the island, and after one of the participants, Xavier Prince, was found dead halfway around, Jack and his team got to work figuring out what had happened.

At the end of the investigation, it was revealed that physiotherapist Inez Farah (Jade Anouka) had played a part in the sinister goings on while disguised as Xavier – and viewers were having none of it.

Death in Paradise
Inez dressed as a male cyclist (Credit: BBC)

“Oh cmon #DeathinParadise, there were two enormous reasons why #Inez would never pass as a man in that skin tight lycra top,” said one viewer. “Casting didn’t quite get that right!”

“So, no one noticed the woman taken the main cyclists place?” tweeted another. “If not wearing the orange socks wasn’t, a giveaway then surely the fact her massive jebs in a tight lycra cycling top might have been a bit of a clue! Still, can’t beat a bit of cheesy TV #deathinparadise.”

Someone else put: “The biggest mystery is how she hid those enormous knockers in a tight Lycra cycling top, to pass for a bloke #deathinparadise.”

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“#deathinparadise I’m sorry but her boobs would have given it away, in tight Lycra there’s no hiding them,” wrote a fourth.

Another moaned: “Used to love #deathinparadise but please, make the stories more credible. So many basics just not being covered.”

Death in Paradise continues on Thursday (30.01.20) at 9pm on BBC One

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