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Friday 13th December 2019

Beecham House on ITV: Viewers "bored" and "disappointed" after episode one

Some called it "tone deaf" and others "unfortunately dull"

ITV's historical drama Beecham House has left viewers "bored" and "disappointed" despite boasting impressive visuals and a star-studded cast.

Set in 1795, the new six-part series tells the story of former soldier John Beecham (Tom Bateman), who buys an estate in Delhi to start a new life after leaving the expansionist British East India Company.

In episode one, John arrived at his new home with a beautiful Indian woman (Shriya Pilgaonkar) and a baby - but revealed little about who they were.

John Beecham is a mysterious figure (Credit: ITV)

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As his servants wondered about his mysterious past, John got acquainted with some of the more prominent figures in the region - his friendly neighbour, Murad Beg (Adil Ray), and adversarial Frenchman General Castillion (Grégory Fitoussi).

Taking to Twitter, a number of viewers admitted they were disappointed and found the opening episode a bit "boring".

One said: "Was looking forward to but so disappointed in #BeechamHouse."

Another tweeted: "Who commissioned this? Tone deaf colonial guff, albeit terribly good looking guff."

It is obvious that a lot of money has been spent, but this is boring as hell.

A third wrote: "I'm glad not to be the only one. Seeing the trailer for #BeechamHouse looked intriguing. But it was boring. The story didn't make any sense."

Someone else said: "#BeechamHouse - unfortunately dull. Scenery lovely, dialogue clunky, wooden acting, Poldark derivative and boring storyline. Shame, in need of an escapist Sunday night period drama now the excellent Durrells has ended. But this isn't it! Not bothering to tune in to next episode."

A fifth commented: "#BeechamHouse Indian Summers this is not. It is obvious that a lot of money has been spent, but this is boring as hell."

Not everyone was turned off, though. Others appeared to enjoy Beecham House, with one writing: "Well that was a brilliant first episode of Beecham House loving it so far #BeechamHouse well done to everyone involved."

Someone else tweeted: "#BeechamHouse I love it already. Amazing cast and brilliantly written. The exterior locations are absolutely beautiful and the costumes are stunning. Can't wait to see more!"

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Elsewhere in the first episode, John welcomed his mother, Henrietta Beecham, to his home.

Mrs Patmore actress Lesley Nicol (centre) has returned as Henrietta Beecham (Credit: ITV)

Henrietta will be a familiar face to ITV viewers, as she is played by Lesley Nicol - best known as the cook Mrs Patmore from Downton Abbey.

- Beecham House continues tonight (June 24) on ITV at 9pm.

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