Dragons' Den ring kits

Dragons’ Den episode 14 pitches: Where to buy The Workbench London’s bespoke ring kits?

And will the product get investment?

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Dragons’ Den ends this week with five more budding entrepreneurs, including two jewellers – so where can you buy The Workbench London’s bespoke ring kits?

The jewellery business appears alongside sausages, plastic-free chewing gum and hypno-birthing.

And each has varying success.

Here’s everything you need to know about the final episode of series 18 of Dragons’ Den.

Dragons' Den ring kits
It’s the final episode of Dragons’ Den series 18, and Tej Lalvani’s last appearance (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den pitches: Positive Birth Company

First of all, Devon-based Siobhan Miller pitches her online hypno-birthing platforms.

The mum-of-three is a Royal College of Midwives accredited hypno-birthing teacher.

She founded the Positive Birth Company in 2016.

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She suffered a difficult first birth and is now on a mission to support others on their journey to parenthood.

Siobhan wants funding for her Digital Pack and Postpartum Pack.

The businesswoman also offers hypno-birthing classes and support in a group or one-to-ones.

She believes better information and support reduces the rate of intervention and post-natal depression.

Therefore, she says, her platform can subsequently save the NHS money.

The Positive Birth Company offer online courses, an award-winning Freya app, bestselling book and free social media resources.

She insists hypno-birthing is not just for hippies or those wanting to give birth at home.

Dragons’ Den pitches: Plastic-free gum Nuud

Bristol-born entrepreneur Keir Carnie pitches his plant-based chewing gum Nuud.

Chewing gum causes a massive environmental problem, says Keir.

He explains that one piece contains as much single-use plastic as a drinking straw.

“Yet while plastic straws are banned, chewing gum waste goes practically unnoticed,” Keir tells the Dragons.

Regular chewing gum contains a number of synthetic ingredients.

These can contain many of the same plastics are shampoo bottles, car tyres and carrier bags.

The plastic gum base is a big litter problem, costing the government millions of pounds a year to clean up.

Nuud is plant-based, vegan, biodegradable and sugar-free.

It is currently available to buy in Waitrose, Nisa and Costcutter.

A taster pack of six packs costs £10, or one pack costs £1.50.

He is pitches for £50,000 in return for 5% equity in his business.

Tej says: “It’s just like normal gum.”

While Deborah describes it as “very good”.

Dragons' Den ring kits
Will Dragons’ Den star Deborah Meaden invest in The Workbench London’s ring kits? (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den pitches: K’s Wors South African sausage Boerewors

Delight Mapasure pitches her South African sausage, the K’s Wors Boerewors.

She tells the Dragons they are a range of premium sausages made with authentic South African recipes.

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The “meat feast” contains up to 92% meat content made from heavily seasoned fine cuts of beef, lamb and pork.

Sara samples the sausages and calls them “beautiful”.

A packet of Chakalaka sausages costs £5.49 for 400g.

It’s a mildly spiced traditional South African sausage with visible red and green peppers.

There’s also chilli flavoured, and chilli and garlic.

The sausages are on sale at Ocado.

Dragons’ Den pitches: Ogel

Next up are north-east business partners Gary Giles and Alan Watts.

They pitch their easy-to-assemble, construction system Ogel.

Gary and Alan believe their product is “potentially revolutionary for the building industry”.

Ogel is a rapid building system that takes waste polystyrene and turns it into L-shaped blocks.

These can then be turned into anything from a humanitarian shelter to a garden room.

Ogel uses 80% waste material to build something new and useful.

Gary and Alan also tell the Dragons that Ogel is a “recycling hero”.

Hence, they are subsequently seeking £50,000 for a 5% share equity in their business.

Even better, the Ogel products work out cheaper than standard bricks and come in DIY kits.

Dragons' Den ring kits
Tej will be replaced in the 19th series of Dragons’ Den (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den ring kits: The Workbench London

Finally, London-based jewellers Kirstie McLaren and Katie Pell pitch their company The Workbench London.

The pair show off their bespoke one-of-a-kind ring-making kits.

They describe the concept as “simple”.

The buyer designs and carves the ring at home.

Kirstie and Katie then cast and polish the ring.

The ask for £50,000 for a 10% share of their business.

Ring making kits starts at £115 for silver.

Dragons’ Den ring kits: Where can I buy them?

The range of kits are currently available on Etsy and are created for all abilities.

They include simple-to-use tools, easy-to-follow video tutorials and expert polishing by professional jewellers in London’s iconic Hatton Garden.

Each set contains two 5mm wide ring casts made from jewellers wax, access to exclusive online ring tutorials, a paper design sheet and pencil to sketch your ring design ideas.

They also include a craft knife, thumb protector, ring box and pre-paid UK envelope for safe ring delivery to the workshop.

You’ll also get a ring sizer (to perfect your ring size) and a ring form to specify your ring size, finish and silver ring delivery destination!

They post the kit worldwide, and users must be over 18 years old.

The Workbench London also offers engraving.

Dragons’ Den concludes on Thursday July 8 at 9pm on BBC One.

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