Dr Sarah Jarvis heatwave GMB (Credit: ITV)

Dr Sarah Jarvis warns of heatwave risks to the elderly, babies and menopausal women

The doctor discussed the dangers of the hot weather on GMB

Dr Sarah Jarvis has warned that the heatwave is putting certain people at particular risk.

Speaking on  Good Morning Britain today (August 12), the GP revealed the elderly, babies and menopausal women could suffer more during the hot weather.

Dr Sarah Jarvis heatwave GMB (Credit: ITV)
GMB’s Dr Sarah Jarvis issued warnings about the heatwave (Credit: ITV)

Dr Sarah Jarvis issues heatwave warning

The doctor stressed the importance of drinking plenty of water – especially these groups.

“Older people are at much higher risk because they’r not aware of when they become dehydrated so they’re more ta risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion,” she said. “And of course babies.

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“At this time, please also give a thought to menopausal women.

“There’s an awful lot of them out there – and night sweats as well as hot flushes are a real thing.

“Frankly, they are only too used to being able to have different layers they can throw off at night and putting their sheets in the fridge in a plastic bag or even in the freezer in a plastic bag and bringing them out a bit earlier.”

Dr Sarah added: “For [menopausal women], I think it’s going to be a big issue.”

Dr Sarah Jarvis heatwave GMB (Credit: ITV)
Dr Sarah Jarvis is concerned for the elderly, babies and menopausal women (Credit: ITV)

Heatwave tips from Dr Sarah Jarvis

Dr Sarah went on to acknowledge that the heatwave was proving increasingly problematic for Brits as the temperature isn’t dropping at night.

She continued: “For a lot of people, heatwaves can be tricky – particularly at night.

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“One of the problems we’ve got is that the temperature is not going down at night.”

However, the GP explain that there are a few tips you can follow to keep as cool as possible during the hot weather.

She added:  “Even if it’s very hot during the day, we always say that you should keep your curtains shut during the day and then as it gets cooler you open your windows and curtains to cool things down.”

Brits face another day of hot temperatures today before thunderstorms are due hit on Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures across the country are set to cool down next week.

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