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Dr Sara Kayat ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if ‘baby whisperer’ Holly Willoughby wanted more children

Holly can't wait to squeeze Dr Sara's new addition!

This Morning’s Dr Sara Kayat has branded Holly Willoughby a “baby whisperer” and said she “wouldn’t be surprised” if she was broody for more children.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Dr Sara said that she feels “extremely grateful” to be part of the This Morning family.

Sara recently became a first-time mum to adorable son Harris and she said it was Holly who correctly predicted the gender of the tot.

She said she used a “very special technique” to determine the baby’s sex.

Dr Sara Kayat welcomed her first baby back in May 2020 (Credit: Splash News)

What did Dr Sara say about Holly Willoughby having more children?

Sara was speaking exclusive to ED! to launch WaterWipes’ new campaign to ease pressure and confusion on new parents when it comes to being more eco-conscious.

She welcomed her first child, adorable Harris, back in May – in the midst of the pandemic.

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And, she said, that while she didn’t find out the baby’s gender at her scans, Holly knew it was a boy.

“She was the one who guessed that it was going to be a boy,” Sara told us.

“Everyone said it’s going to be a girl but she has this very special technique where she touches your belly and she’s able to tell you and she has this 100% success rate.

“She’s a baby whisperer,” she added.

I wouldn’t be surprised. Why wouldn’t you produce more if you’ve made such lovely ones?

While Holly is yet to meet Harris in the flesh, she has cooed over him via video link.

So does Sara think she’s broody again, and could we see Holly Willoughby adding more children to her family of five?

She is already mum to children Belle, Harry and Chester.

“I wouldn’t be surprised [if Holly were broody].

“She’s got some lovely babies, lovely kids,” Sara added

“Why wouldn’t you produce more if you’ve made such lovely ones?”

Sara wouldn’t be surprised if Holly Willoughby was broody because she makes “lovely” children (Credit: Splash News)

Dr Sara on working on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

Sara revealed that she loves working on the ITV daytime show, confirming: “It’s lovely.”

She also revealed that she loves working with the show’s hosts.

“Who wouldn’t? They’re two of the smiliest, happiest, funniest people,” she said of Holly and Phil.

Of new Friday host Alison Hammond, Dr Sara revealed that, just as we see on screen, Alison really is a laugh a minute as a colleague.

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“She’s so much fun, there’s so much energy and life and it’s so nice to see, especially at times like these when it can be really depressing for a lot of people,” she said.

“It’s sometimes lovely to have that extra boost of energy on the screens.”

Sara said the most serious she’s ever seen Alison was when they discussed her pre-diabetes diagnosis.

“We talked about pre-diabetes when she was given that diagnosis, that’s something that had given her a little bit of a kick,” Dr Sara revealed.

“But that’s as serious as she ever gets.”

Hitting back at Ofcom complaints

Unafraid to cover serious topics on the show, Dr Sara hit the headlines for commenting that the COVID-19 vaccine would provide “100%” effectiveness against serious complications of the virus.

It was a segment that received Ofcom complaints, but Dr Sara stands by the comments.

She told us: “Everything I’ve always said on This Morning has been evidence based so it’s always a shame when things like that come through.

“But I would always always say things that are evidence based,” she added.

However, Sara said it’s important that her advice on the show is “appraised and scrutinised”.

She said: “I think it’s important that what you say is appraised and scrutinised because you are given a platform and you need to use that appropriately.”

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Dr Sara’s worries as a new mum

Chatting about the new WaterWipes campaign, Dr Sara revealed her fears as a new mum.

She said that, due to the pandemic, baby Harris hasn’t met many of her friends and family.

And, as a result, he’s “pretty scared of people”.

With her return to work as a GP looming once she gets her second COVID vaccination, Dr Sara has opened up about her fears when it comes to sending Harris to nursery.

She revealed: “It’s lovely to have him all to myself but I feel really sad that the majority of my friends haven’t seen him.

“Usually you’d have your baby cooed over by everyone and there’s something really sad about that. Also he’s pretty scared of people.

“I’m slightly petrified about returning to work and how he’s going to react in the nursery.”

With WaterWipes’ research showing that 32% of new parents feeling judged for not bring eco-friendly baby products, has Sara ever felt at the receiving end of mum shaming, particularly with her place in the public eye?

“I hate the term mum shaming because it sounds like everyone’s against you,” she said, “but a lot of the time it’s about peer support.

“Often parents want to try and teach other parents about their experiences. Sometimes it’s really positive and really good but other times it can feel like pressure and a self-imposed shame.

“But what’s really important is you do what’s best for your baby. You know your baby better than anybody out there. So stick to those guns over what you feel is right because your instincts are always right.”

Support from new mum Lucy Mecklenburgh

And, if Sara doesn’t feel her instincts are right, then she has a really good friend she can rely on.

Sara revealed she’s maintained her friendship with fellow new mum Lucy Mecklenburgh after meeting on Bear Grylls’ The Celebrity Island.

“We’re constantly going back and forth,” Sara revealed.

“Because she had her baby a couple of months before me, she’s one step ahead in terms of giving me advice.

“I’m constantly messaging her saying is this okay, what should I do with that, what weaning bowl should I use?

“She’s basically my go-to when it comes to anything mummy-related.”

Dr Sara is working with WaterWipes to launch its new eco jargon dictionary. It aims to help reduce the pressure and confusion new parents face when trying to be more eco-friendly. For more details, visit the website here.

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