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Dr Hilary Jones slammed over ‘ridiculous’ teacher comments on Lorraine

ITV viewers called for the TV doctor to issue a 'grovelling apology'

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Dr Hilary Jones has been slammed by Lorraine viewers after he accused some teachers of flouting social distancing rules.

The TV doctor was discussing the spread of coronavirus with host Christine Lampard when he made the controversial comments.

But it appears his remarks didn’t exactly go down well with some viewers.

Dr Hilary Jones on Lorarine
Dr Hilary Jones has angered Lorraine viewers (Credit: ITV)

What did Dr Hilary say?

Speaking on today’s show (August 24), Dr Hilary said: “What appears to be happening is that teachers are going into school and abiding by the duty of care, they’re abiding by the rules, looking after the kids, following the hygiene rules.

“You’ve got one way systems in corridors, bubbles for the children so they’re not mixing. But then outside of school some of the teachers are not being as socially distancing as they possibly could.”

Outside of school some of the teachers are not being as socially distancing as they possibly could.

He went on: “There’s a message from the PAG which says we need to educate the educators.

“They’re doing right in the school but it’s all for nothing if you go home and don’t follow the rules.

Dr Hilary Jones on Lorraine
The TV doctor was discussing the spread of coronavirus in schools with host Christine Lampard (Credit: ITV)

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“Even if children aren’t at great risk in school what happens at home and their risk of getting it is much greater than at school, but if the parents aren’t obeying the rules then clearly that affects the children and has a knock on effect.”

The health professional concluded: “So parents and teachers need to follow the rules.”

What did viewers say?

Viewers were left outraged by his comments, with some even calling for Dr Hilary to apologise.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Where is Dr Hilary’s proof that teachers are spreading COVID because they aren’t social distancing properly? What a ridiculous statement! Just another attempt to teacher bash and set us up for public condemnation again.”

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A second wrote: “Dr Hilary should be back on and issue a grovelling apology to teachers! #lorraine.”

Another fumed: “Get Dr Hilary off the tele he’s nothing more than a celebrity GP paid to scaremonger with mad [Piers] Morgan. He continues to advocate horrendous masks wearing 4 children in school. There has never been any virus transfer from teacher to child in world. Once actually liked him. #lorraine.”

A fourth remarked: “I have just seen Dr Hilary saying this on #Lorraine absolutely disgraceful attitude to teachers.”

A viewer added: “How dare you Dr. Hilary. So if any teacher catches it then it’s because they have not followed the guidelines. That’s preparing a ‘cop out’ before it comes. I can assure you that EVERY teacher I know, including myself, are following the same rules as everyone else!”

Dr Hilary Jones on Lorraine
Viewers called for Dr Hilary to apologise (Credit: ITV)

What’s the latest on the reopening of schools in the UK?

Boris Johnson has urged all parents to send their kids back to school following the easing of national lockdown.

A spokesperson for No10 announced today: “We’ve also been clear that the risk posed to students from Covid is less than the risk of them not attending school.

“The Prime Minister’s clear; he believes that every child should be back in school next week.”

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