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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Dr Hilary Jones is forced to explain his tie pattern on Good Morning Britain

Viewers thought Dr Hilary's tie was something else entirely

Dr Hilary Jones was red-faced on Good Morning Britain this morning as he was forced to explain the pattern on his tie was not a rude one.

Viewers had spotted the design, which looked to some like it was a Playboy bunny.

They went online to share their views on the tie - but the TV doc insisted it was innocent.

Dr Hilary has been on hand to explain the impact of coronavirus to viewers on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

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One viewer wrote: "Can someone please tell me what the designs are on Dr H's tie. I think it might just be lockdown but they look rather rude."

Another speculated as to whether or not it was the Playboy bunny.

A third wrote: "Is that the Playboy bunny on #AskDrH's tie?"

But Dr Hilary was quick to put them right.

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Dr Hilary's tie was the cause of much viewer speculation (Credit: ITV)

What's up, Doc?

In fact, Hilary's tie was a lot more innocent than that and featured Bugs Bunny - whose famous line is "What's up, doc?".

He was keen to put viewers straight once he realised what they were thinking.

Horrified, he said: "No! It's 'What's up, doc?' It's much more innocent!"

He then quickly began showing his tie to the camera which zoomed in on it for extra reassurance.

Good Morning Britain presenters Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard laughed about the tie (Credit: ITV)

Dr Hilary's expertise

Dr Hilary has been central to the breakfast show's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

He has explained the difference between myth and reality about the virus, and explained the usefulness of facemasks the other day.

But he has warned that the pandemic could mean families will still be apart by Christmas.

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