Dr Hilary Jones

Dr Hilary Jones baffles GMB viewers with hugging advice after today’s lockdown changes

He even got his glamorous wife involved!

Dr Hilary Jones on GMB has left some viewers rather confused and divided over his hugging advice.

The Good Morning Britain resident doctor, 67, gave special instructions for human embraces.

Now that the government is permitting hugging, Dr Hilary said we must still proceed with caution.

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In fact, he advises huggers to not talk as they embrace. And for huggers to look away from one another during the act!

Dr Hilary Jones explained: “I would still wear a mask, I would turn your head away and not talk to them whilst you’re hugging them, because it’s aerosol contact.”

Dr Hilary Jones on GMB
Dr Hilary Jones wants us to hug cautiously (Credit: ITV)

Presenter Adil Ray asked: “So if you want to hug someone, keep you mouth and your face pointing away from them?”

The doctor confirmed: “Absolutely, because it’s inhaling aerosol droplets from someone with the virus that’s almost guaranteed to transmit the virus.”

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The doctor then demonstrated this rather awkward manoeuvre with a home video with his wife.

The glamorous Dee Thresher, 50, is shown embracing Dr Hilary, while looking away in silence.

They are also both donning face masks.

Dr Hilary Jones wife hug
Dr Hilary demonstrates how to hug with the help of his wife (Credit: ITV)

These strict instructions left some viewers at home confused and others divided.

One viewer tweeted: “Sorry am I missing something? Since when are we told when we can and can’t hug. I haven’t stopped hugging.”

And another similarly asked: “I didn’t even realise hugs had been banned. Since when?”

A further viewer argued: “Hugs between two vaccinated people should be normal. What was the point of taking the vaccine otherwise?

“All the numbers suggest that if COVID is caught post receiving both jabs the symptoms are no worse than a mild flu. We need to move on now. Get the jab and get hugging.”

Whereas a fourth user claimed: “Don’t tell me what to do. I allow to hug my mum and friends. Don’t need to control my life. People haven’t stopped hugging with flu for years.”

Not everyone was against Hilary’s advice however.

In fact some fully supported his warnings.

For example, one user tweeted: “Just because we can hug now doesn’t mean we should! Just be cautious people. We’ll all be complaining again if we go in to another lockdown! It’s not scaremongering, COVID-19 is still here. Don’t blow it!”

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