Dr Hilary Jones GMB lockdown

Dr Hilary Jones warns of second coronavirus peak as he winces at shocking lockdown photo on GMB

The Good Morning Britain star warned coronavirus is 'still out there'

Dr Hilary Jones winced at a photograph showing people flouting social distancing rules yesterday (May 20).

Many enjoyed the hottest day of the year by flocking to local beaches in their droves to sunbathe and spend time with their families.

Unfortunately, few were able to keep the recomended two metres apart because of how overcrowded public spaces were.

Dr Hilary Jones GMB lockdown
Dr Hilary Jones winces after being shown this photo on GMB (Credit ITV)

Dr Hilary Jones in shock

After being shown the images on Good Morning Britain, a shocked Dr Hilary sat back with his eyebrows raised and said “Woah!”

He added: “Look at that beach!

“Unfortunately, the virus doesn’t understand that two metres is the limit pf its capability of transportation.

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“It doesn’t realise you have to be in contact with somebody for 15 minutes.”

Dr Hilary then admitted that his fellow doctors are incredibly concerned about another spike.

He continued: “Doctors are very worried about a second peak because of people becoming too complacent and thinking it’s all over. It isn’t .

“The virus is just as transmissible and just a s prevalent as it’s always been.”

Dr Hilary Jones GMB
Dr Hilary Jones warned of a second coronavirus peak on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

COVID-19 ‘is still out there’

Although the government has said that people can travel for as long as they want and spend an unlimited time outdoors, Dr Hilary warned there are still huge risks.

He explained:  “These guidelines make it relatively safe but not completely safe

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“The reality is we’ve got more cases outside of London now – there’s been a lag in the virus spreading further north.

“So we’ve got more cases in the north of England and Scotland and we’re probably seeing the peak in care homes now.

“The virus is still out there, it’s still circulating.”

Second peak warning

Dr Hilary went on to accuse people who flouting social distancing rules of making a mockery of test and trace.

He warned that this could result in a second peak of coronavirus.

If an individual tested positive for COVID-19 and was asked who they’d been in contact with, that person would struggle to give correct information if they were at a crowded beached.

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“You won’t know who was next to you,” Dr Hilary continued.

“So you can’t possibly trace – and that’s the problem.

Dr Hilary Jones GMB
GMB’s resident doctor stressed that COVID-19 is ‘still out there’ (Credit: ITV)

“When people start flouting the social distancing rules and we go out of lockdown in this kind of way, you can’t trace people.”

According to latest figures, there are now more cases globally of COVID-19 than ever before.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is expected to outline her plan for easing lockdown restrictions later today.

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